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  1. Motohaus - Interphone F4

    Discounts / Deals
    I'd been thinking about bike comms for a while, and I received an email from Motohaus this weekend with the attached offer. Beats any other price I can find, and the reviews seem generally good, with the only annoying thing being the proprietory charging socket. Hopefully it's of use. End's...
  2. Half price Rok straps

    Discounts / Deals
    Motorhaus have sent me an email with 50% off Rok straps. Enter discount code ROK001 at the checkout. Rok Strap High quality Luggage Straps
  3. Zarges Aluminium cases

    Discounts / Deals
    Yet another email from Motorhaus, this amongst their offerings are Zarges aluminium cases at half price, mind you the bits you need to go with it arn't half price but I suppose that is more than saved by the offer on the cases. Motohaus Powersports Limited Zarges Luggage for Quick Lock Side...
  4. What is this bashplate?

    Was looking at alternative crashbars when I happened across this .... Motohaus Powersports Limited Honda XL 650 V Transalp .... the bashplate apears to be a (heavily) modified AT (RD04 / 07 ?) unit. I like the look of it, might not be as tough as some of the after-market TA aluminium...
  5. For Sale: SW-Motech crash bars xl650v

    For Sale / Wanted
    Used for 2 month sw-motech crash bars for transalp xl650v (2000-2007). All mounting parts included. No visible big scratches on bars (these have very good paint). These bars are very popular here and protect fairings very well. I want 99gbp (or 115eur) for them and will ship to any EU country...
  6. Which luggage

    I have only had my new TransAlp since Thursday and am already in love with it. I am looking to buy a top box and panniers for it. I have seen the Trax boxes on the Motohaus site that SW-motech make but was also looking at the Givi set. Any advice. I might be looking at a trip to France next...
  7. It's finished.......nearly

    After waiting for what seemed like an age I've finally got me 700 how I want it ......... nearly:D Motech quicklock pannier rack, Motech quicklock topbox alurack thingy & Trax boxes & Motech centrestand (put on after the pic was taken). Everything went together surprisingly easy and I have to...
  8. Order placed for discounted Alpine MotoSafe earplugs

    A chance to get Official XRV.ORG Recommended [tm] earplugs at 33% off :D This is copied from here as it occurred to me that I wouldn't get much attention from people who want a deal on earplugs by burying the post at the end of a thread about helmets :oops: Sound advice (no pun intended)...