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  1. Fuel overflow lines - where to connect?

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone! I recently remove the tank, airbox and carburators to change the main jets after changing to a more open exhaust. Know putting everything back I have a small problem... There is several fuel overflow or drain lines connected together to one main line that dumps excess fuel it...
  2. wing mirrors

    Found a bit of a bargain on ebay...£9 the pair incl post...very close to got broken...Also bought some riser extenders £10 a pair from the same people. Ryde Black Round Adjustable Motorcycle Rearview Mirrors Pair 10mm Bike/Motorbike Actual mirror glass area is 100mm dia...
  3. Ignition went dead after storage, no power

    Gi, just wanna post my experience with the TA600. Had it in storage in my +5C garage all winter and fired her up a couple of times. Then come spring, ready to ride, fire up, but no.. the dash lights flicker , then all dead. Suspected dead battery. Charge it with CTEK charger for motorbike ...
  4. Cheapest jacket ever

    I just ordered this : DUHAN Autumn Winter Motorcycle Jacket Men Motocross Equipment Cotton Lined Cold-proof Motorbike Moto Jacket Protective Gear A friend of mine got it and I love it so I ordered mine. Sent from my MI 5 using Tapatalk
  5. ADV Scotland Rally 2018

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Guys I have not posted in some time, but I do visit the transalp section quite often to do research etc , still an excellent resource I thought I would post about our rally in May and welcome anyone that would like to attend. ADV SCOTLAND OUTWEST RALLY 2018 A New Year, another...
  6. RD03 aftermarket CDI set

    Africa Twin
    My bike has a pair of the M. S. Bike CDIs. Anybody else running a set of these? Digital CDI "Dual Line" for Honda Transalp, 140,00 €
  7. Spotted on M8 westbound

    I was coming back along the M8 from Glasgow today about lunchtime and spotted a white zebra-liveried Africa Twin heading in the other direction; it was the same colour scheme as Massive Lee's, and like the one I saw at the Scottish Motorbike Show in 2014. I think it had a big BMW GS for...
  8. RD03 - ignition problems

    How to.....
    Good afternoon, A new post because I need help. I am about to complete full restore of my motorbike. 2 monthes ago, I start the engine and stop it quickly. And I never succeed to restart again. I checked spark plugs, wires, ignition coils, CDI, pulse generator, valves and carburators...
  9. Just got a Transalp -92. What is your recommended modifications?

    Hi there! My first motorbike (since my 125cc motocross) is a Transalp 600 1992 in great condition. Already love it. I kind of like how quiet it is, but if I could gain a few horsepowers, I could consider a cooler sound :) What exhausts do you recommend? Is it worth it? I hate the dull...
  10. I need big favour.

    Christmas greetings from Denmark. My son has just finished a contract where he was sent to a motorbike workshop on a work experience type of deal paid for by the Danish government as part of his education as a motorbike mechanic. He starts back at technical college in january for some book...
  11. Great start to the weekend

    My son just woke me up at the ungodly hour of 9am to tell me that he just passed his A1 driving test on a motorbike. Now we can finally start planning our first bike trip together where I dont have to lug him and our luggage around any more.:cheers::cheers::cheers: I think our first trip might...
  12. Milan bike show.

    My son just got back from a weekend trip to the motorbike show that was on in Milan this weekend with his class from technical school which was paid for by Danish Metalworkers Trade Union. As expected he had a great time and took loads of photos. I thought you might like to see some of the...
  13. Gunson colourtune.

    I am going to buy my son one of these to help him get his carb set up on his bike once we get his CDI sorted. What do you experts thing of these as a piece of kit for a budding motorbike mechanic apprentice?
  14. Dominator tyres.

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings from Denmark. My son passed his test for a motorbike today so as soon as we can get the insurance and registration sorted he will be let loose on this. He has spent the last six months getting it ready and I need to follow him for a while to make...
  15. For Sale: Keep the winter rust at bay with ACF-50!

    For Sale / Wanted
    With summer coming to a close, autumn is just around the corner. Of course, once autumn is out of the way, we've got winter to look forward to, and we all know what the greatest danger to our vehicle over winter is...RUST! Opie Oils can help you keep the rust and corrosion at bay, thanks to our...
  16. Motorcycles at the Movies.

    Just watched this ... "A JOURNEY THROUGH THE EYE OF THE RIDER Documentary Feature – 65 minutes A father, his adult son, and two mates head off on a journey to discover the grittiest, most beautiful bush the country has to offer. Yet what they find is something they were not prepared for...
  17. Motorbike service in the Buckinghamshire/Hertfordshire area

    Mechanical Advice
    Good morning, My honda varadero 1000xl is in need of its big service and was wondering if anyone could recommend a good garage in the bucks or Herts area. I would be happy to do the normal service myself but not keen on doing the valve clearances etc. Thanks in advance for any recommendations
  18. Brake calliper s

    Africa Twin
    Hi fellow motorbike re, I've just had my front fork tube repaired and installed and looking to know how much and what type of fork oil I need for standard bike, some say 648 ml and others say just over 500ml. And 5w or 10w? Also I have fecked up one of my callipers and could not get the screw...
  19. Adventure Bike TV - Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Spent all day Saturday filming with the 'Adventure Bike TV' crew in my local forest. They've been covering the new 'Africa Twin' motorbike which was launched quite recently and they wanted to film the original 'Africa Twin' bike from the beginning of the concept. There were four of us riding on...
  20. Bikesure March Competition

    Competitions / Trials
    Hello Guys and Girls It’s time for another forum giveaway! As spring is nearly upon us and more and more bikers are beginning to dust last summer’s dirt off their boots in anticipation, we began thinking about what gets bikers hot under the collar. We even spoke to some fellow biking...