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  1. Norway - aursjøvegen and jernbanetraseen (old mountain road)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tried a new road a couple of days ago. One of my favourite roads is aursjøvegen, and this day, i decided to try a side road to this road - jernbanetraseen. This road is really spectacular, as you see in the pictures below.
  2. July blast to Prague

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    July 24th-27th myself and a few friends have an old car 'banger rally' going on the route in the link below. Ignore anything to do with the rally, just linking the route not trying to charge you guys... Not promoting it, just considering taking the Africa Twin myself and seeing if anyone here...
  3. Oil consumption normal or symptomatic?

    I've not had a bike that burns oil for some time. I've also stopped using my bikes as much now that I live in Estonia. In fact the longest mileage that I have undertaken since being in Estonia was my recent trip to France. When I bought my 1993 TA, I rode it from Calais to Rostock in one...
  4. Mid Wales Dual Sport

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Beautiful day out in Mid Wales yesterday, we got more than our fair share of sunshine, dry trails, empty mountain roads and it was great craic. We had some really beautiful views over Llyn Brianne and found no tourist traffic, just loads of cyclists out on the mountain roads. It's been dry for...
  5. Piel Island 24th & 25th April

    Austin's Adventures
    Piel Island 24th & 25th April. Meet up and route details Edits to this post highlighted in RED Edits to this post on 11th April in BROWN Edits to this post 16th April in PURPLE Follow up to the earlier thread about a Possible meet on Piel Island, Morecambe Bay, Barrow in Furness. This thread...
  6. 2 Africa Twin's in an abbandoned mine... (In Portugal)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hello everyone .. First sorry for the porr english, It was a google translation and you know how automatic translations are.. Just try to make sense of it, or just enjoy the pictures... This was the first ride of 2010, and how to start the year! This time, the road map has led us to the...
  7. Thoughts on a 700

    Gents Finally returned to the TA fold after an enforced absence of nearly a year. This time, I am bestride an 08 700 TA, replacing the aged 600 I had last time. Between jolly jaunts offshore, I have managed to ride it a few times and for what it’s worth herewith my opinion so far… Engine...
  8. weather closes mountain roads

    All mountain roads in Rhondda Cynon Taff will be closed at 10pm tonight for safety reasons. Due to extreame weather conditions forcast -10oC
  9. London to Kiev and back

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This was in October before I got the Honda XL1000 and was on a Aprillia Caponord ETV 1000. If anyone knows how the XL1000 has performed on same sort of thing I would be most interested as am planning some longer ride, that are working towards my circumnavigation rally. Hope you enjoy the read...
  10. New Rubber

    Well, I took florrie to get some new shoes fitted, got myself some Conti Escapes. The garage is only 5 minutes from home and I left there at 11am, got home about 430pm :D As I was leaving Thunderroad I got chatting to a couple of lads and debating the best colours for Hondas, it was agreed...
  11. Rideout south wales

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    cant see eny local rides organized so came up with this, new to the forum so thaught Id put names to faces by organizing a sunday rideout up and around the local valleys where I live, will be mostly mountain roads/lanes all tarmac, just a quiet bimble soaking up the scenic views, carreg cennen...
  12. Short Trip in Laos

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I can see from other posts that there are a few AT riders in SEA. We are currently two AT riders in Laos but the other guy lives halftime in Phnom Phen so he may not count. I've had my bike since 2006. Bought it from an expat in Laos. I’d like to advertise Laos as a destination – the more the...
  13. Africa Twin on vacation.. :)

    Africa Twin
    Hello all... I haven't posted anything for quite a while... I've been very busy and right after that I went on holiday... I've had a 2 weeks holiday on my AT, through Montenegro.. A beautiful country, with a lot of mountain roads, with lots and lots of curves... We've ridden for 2400 km in 2...
  14. Autumn: Picos or Pyrenees?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    After having to pull out of a long anticipated trip down to Barcelona last year with a problem with my arm that kept me off the bike most of the year, I am now wondering about going later this year, after Harvest, so early September..ish. No Barca trip though, as big Sis is back in the UK now :(...
  15. Corsica

    Just back from my trip, what a place. did the Route Napoleon on the way down outstanding :D :D :D :D :D . The scenery and roads on the island cater for everybody, long sweeping bends perfectly surfaced, not so good surfaced mountain roads ideal for Gs's oh and some hondas :cool: and it averaged...
  16. she's ready

    Africa Twin
    I have just finshed servicing my old girl for her big trip across to Austria. Euro tunnel on the 16th, through to Troyes for an overnight stop, then on to Colmar for another stop, then into Germany and on to Austria not far from Zel am Zee for three days of sight seeing and riding the...
  17. Interesting Website

    Great Roads/Routes
    Found this site a while back and have re-found it again just recently. Some interesting roads, not surprisingly, pretty well road orientated, but could well be worth noting one or two on your GPS or highlighting on a "marked up" map before your trip. I also love looking at Google Earth maps...
  18. She's gone

    Africa Twin
    Just a few minutes ago I saw my ol faithful Africa Twin driving away, looking at me out of the back window of an estate car. This bike which I bought new in March 2000, has faithfully transported me back and forth to London every day, been green-laned, taken to rallies, taken me on holidays to...
  19. Tinkwltoes and bolts (again)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, myself and the lovely Mr Mabel went again on a little trip this weekend. We travelled up to north wales with minimal use of the main roads. It was a fantastic ride. The plan was to ride up on friday night, meet up with our Mountain rescue mates climb and walk on saturday, pub saturday...
  20. Twinkletoes and Bolts on Tour

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well we started on Thursday night and took a quick trip over to Dan yr Ogof Showcaves too meet up with some friends. We had to meet the first minister for the Welsh Assembly on friday and do a little demonstration for him. Mr Mabel trying to find the little boys room - no, no lovely that's a...