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  1. Africa Twin
    Anyone done this? I'm looking at trying to find some brackets to get it done. Caribou cases brackets are $$$ as heck. Thought of trying Heavy duty case mounts. The Givi boxes I got are way too big 45ltr. boxes and my spare 1550 pelicans are to big as well. Trying to keep bike as close to bar...
  2. Transalp
    Hi I started the long awaited complete strip down of my 87 TA the other day and noticed a switch mounted under the rear mudguard. It is attached to an orange relay(?) with 6 connectors (only 2 of which are used). Any idea what it is? Cheers David
  3. Transalp
    I have just taken delivery of these, ebay item 291565702825 good strong fittings and very bright. Not fitted them yet but I can't foresee any problem and they shouldn't need a relay at just 15w each. I intend to wire them into the sidelight via a handlebar mounted switch. They look a lot more...
  4. XR
    Ok guys 4 questions for you 1/ what is is 2/what does it do 3/ can I get rid of it 4/how do I remove I will start with a clue its mounted left side under the front of the Tank. it has 2 tubes that bolt into the barrel and some more that disappear towards the air box.
  5. Chatter
    Rob has been a very active, popular and much liked member of XRV, manking many good friends over the years. Unfortunately Rob passed away yesterday Saturday 23rd, peacefully. It was Robs wish to be sent off on his final journey by as many motorcycle mounted friends as possible. Phil...
  6. Africa Twin
    lads i'm dithering about trying to figure out where to mount the scottoiler on my rd04 anyone care to share where they mounted theirs and where they took the vac feed from?
  7. Africa Twin
    Hi All, Just installed flush mounted indicators, having removed the floppy originals. New bulbs are 3w each, so 6w per side. When activating switch, the relay buzzes for a few seconds before 'catching up' and then indicators work fine. Was wondering if the relay is ohm or watt sensitive and I...
  8. eBay - Africa Twin
    Hi, nothing to do with me and I know these don't come around too often, but this is the toolbox mounted to the bash plate....shame it's in Germany :( but they will post to the UK :) Africa Twin Rally Motorschutz Werkzeugbox XRV 750 RD 03 - 07 Skid plate box | eBay
  9. Africa Twin
    I want a camera setup, preferably front and rear and mounted out of sight on the bike somewhere that come on and record as soon as you turn the key. I would like something I can integrate with a microphone in helmet and a helmet cam if possible in the future. I know I'm going to be told a...
  10. Dominator / FMX
    Ok it's not much on the dommie with it's rubber mounted bar clamps but I love spoiling my steed and wondered whether gel/foam or multiple density grips would help Also bar-end weights ...worth it ? Anyone had experience in bringing the finger tingle to a minimum on long rides? thanks Bill
  11. Transalp
    Hi all im currently at the start of rebuilding my africa twin into a trans alp frame and was wondering if anyone had a picture of where the coils are mounted?they seem to be differnt to the RD07. cheers cam
  12. Africa Twin
    I'm curious on ypur low budget modifications! Here's mine: Basket and spray paint. Clamped behind fairing. 2x 20€ ebay 18w led lights mounted with ebay 5€ 22mm u-bolts. Computer fan grill as protection around 3€ For the side stand. Nail plate and bolts
  13. Transalp
    I thought I'd ask here as its ta related. Somewhere here I saw a picture of a transalp ( Blue I think, and the pic looked as though it were taken somewhere like wales/ very green and hilly ) with the sat nav mounted above the clocks/behind the screen. Wanted to ask the owner what he/she had used...
  14. Transalp
    got some PIAA 1100x lights ready to fit. I'd like to fit them under the headight via the the 2 fairing bolts. i was just wondering if anyone else has mounted lights here and if they can take the weight of the light (they dont weight that much). I need to modify the wiring loom that came with...
  15. Africa Twin
    My RD04 has a rocker switch for the heated grips and a 12v socket wired to the bike, my problem is; where to mount them? As the RD04 has no 'dash' to speak of where have you dudes mounted these extras? cheers, Bob.
  16. Chatter
    Anyone riding in Oxfordshire needs to be very switched on for Speed Cameras. I've seen 4 this week. The one I saw today was hidden up a lane and had the device mounted on a tripod looking down a straight stretch of 50MPH. Devious bastwards. They must have a purge on. Never seen one in the place...
  17. Africa Twin
    Got brembo 4 pot caliper mounted today and all seems be lining up nicely and brakes feel very nice spaced disc out with 3mm spacers and caliper and hangar just sloted in nicely Had grind 2mm off rear of caliper (hated doing it) but have about 0.5 - 1mm air gap between spokes and caliper They...
  18. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Our Lady of Graces, Madonna tal Grazi, motorcycle pilgrimage 2012 As viewed from rear facing Fuji mounted upon DRZ400sm.
  19. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I just replaced the front sprocket of my AT I just bought, there was a JT installed. I installed a new OE front sprocket and a new retainer. Once both mounted, I noticed a lateral play on the front sprocket according to the output shaft. The lateral play is about 1 mm I think. I am not...
  20. Transalp
    Trying to find a site to mount the preload adjuster on my Hagon shock. Just where in the name of all that's Holy are you supposed to mount the bl**dy thing?! The stainless oil hose is very, very stiff and doesn't like tight bend radii and I'm getting very frustrated trying to find a site for...
1-20 of 27 Results