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  1. Dr. Danger Mouse birthday greetings

    AKA Doc Law Happy Birthday Ros xxxx
  2. 2001 CR 250 two-stroke @ ERZBERG 2008

    Competitions / Trials
    Hey there Honda trail riders, I am new to this forum, from what I understand that this is mainly a big bike site but I am seriously seeking help with my list of questions regarding set up for my 2001 HONDA CR 250 R – two stroke motocross bike for Erzberg. I previously posted these questions in...
  3. Ligher fluid/Naptha for cleaning bulbs?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hoping you guys can help me out. I've finally managed to get a bit of free time to sort my headlights out (think i had them in upside down) and I want to clean the bulbs, but don't seem to be able to find any isopropyl/rubbing alcohol to clean them with as recommended. I've got a tin of naptha...
  4. Computer help

    Is there any way to disable the auto scroll feature in IE7. Just installed this (got fed up of windows update telling me to do it), now when I turn my mouse wheel to go down a page a little, the ferking thing keeps scrolling for another 5 lines. It's driving me nuts.
  5. Re: fun and good place

    Re: fun and good place In the 70s I really wanted a snorkel coat. My mum eventually gave in and agreed to pay 50p a week on the Grattan catalogue. She rang them up and told me (a 7 year old) that they only had them in brown. I REALLY wanted a blue one. But I was desperate so asked her to order...
  6. Old Trans Alp-Want to paint on cheap but which colour and how?

    Mechanical Advice
    I've got a '97 Transalp in black/grey. One panel missing which I've replaced with a litle purple number. I want to give it a wuick cheap face lift and was thinking about going the matt black route. Will a quick rub down after removing the stickers and a couple of coats of halfords matt black or...
  7. Panniers

    Africa Twin
    I'm really struggling with finding some panniers for my bike. eBay is empty and reading the lists of part numbers, bike models, racks, pabnnier types on line makes my head spin, I literally can't read them :confused: It's like looking at that green text in The Matrix. Is there such a thing as...
  8. im turning into a gadget freak

    :D done got me a lap top:cool: connected up me wireless network:cool: sorted all my email etc in the new puter:cool: if you had told me a couple of years ago i would be able to do things like this.i would have fell over laughing:D even got a wireless mouse for it...its wizzy:D i like these...
  9. Green AT - Hull/Beverley area

    I keep seeing a bloke on a green, M reg, RD07 on Beverley Road in Hull hustling through the rush hour traffic. Is it anyone on the site? Coming back up the same road (urban dual carriageway) the other night in heavy traffic I'm playing cat and mouse with a guy on a CCM supermoto. We both...
  10. Oz - Condo Cross Country Rallye

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well it was a memorable weekend !!!:D :D I headed out to Condobolin in central NSW to checkout the Condo 750 2 day cross country rallye. It’s a mini version of the Oz Safari / Dakar with bikes and cars competeing including 2 Oz Advriders – GTAus and rjf I got away from work about 4pm on thurs...