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  1. No idea what else to check

    Africa Twin
    Engine it's fine untill 5000rpm. After that it shakes like crazy. it's the same on idle and under load. I can go 75miles max as more be very uncomfortable. Change coil ht iridium spark. Membrane are fine. Choke off permamently. What else.. please help. I might add movie later.
  2. My daft movie - CRF1000L

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, long time no speak! Been faffing around over summer on my new AT - Uploaded a silly video of my on my trip to Ireland :D 746 miles in 3 days. Anyway, have a laugh - I can really recommend the run from Larne > A2 > Derry > N56 > Gweedore > N56 to Donegal :D:D:D:D Everyone so friendly, go...
  3. izi the rider ( africa twins touring in afganastan movie )

    Africa Twin
    enjoy :thumbup:
  4. Is the Go Pro thing any good????

    Hi all, I am thinking of grabbing a Go Pro for movie making, has anyone got a Go Pro and is it any goos for bikes? Ive read so many great an then bad reviews I am so confused!!!! If anyone has links to their footage or just a general review I'd be grateful :D Cheers all !
  5. My Ex MOD XR250R - winter project.

    Just yesterday I bought a bit tired xr250r. Painted black by Stevie Wonder, small tank and engine problem (will add movie later) but for a £300 it's worthed to work on it. Well at least will keep me busy for next few months.
  6. What do you find funny?

    Howdy all, This is the third time I have asked this question in time I have been a member.. What is your favourite comedy or drama or bike related movie that is worth a gander on tv.. I have checked out previous suggestions and enjoyed them:thumbup:
  7. Motorcycle movies, bad ones and good ones

    A Movie, possibly interesting for some; THE WOMEN’S MOTORCYCLE EXHIBIT FILM | BEHIND THE SCENES W/LANA MACNAUGHTON | The Selvedge Yard I thought I start a thread about motorcycle movies. I can't seem to find one on this forum, so perhaps it's time for a motorcycle movie thread? Have you seen...
  8. Shed Find

    My younger brother bought this for £50 27 yrs ago and he finally got it finished this weekend.:thumbup: I think Steve Mc Queen used to race one when he wasnt busy being a movie star in the late 70s early 80s. He reckons he can start it third kick every time.:blob:
  9. The Tiger Crew out in The Peaks

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ride into The Peak District with a few guys from the Tiger 800 forum 140 miles around some fantastic roads 220 miles total. Now I know we're supposed to keep these short........16 mins, at least I haven't posted all 140 miles of it!!! Sorry....but there's some nice sounds on there The...
  10. C90 GO

    And here's tonight's entertainment from Mr March Hitler finds out Ed March is riding to the Arctic Circle 2013 - YouTube There's loads of Hitler clips pinched from "that" movie but all the ones I've seen use the same clip, A new clip with added March, unbeatable!
  11. Mad March Hare, Ed March needs pledges to make DVD

    You have most probably heard about my sons mate Ed March well he is trying to get his filming professionally edited and produced for all to see , he needs to get £7500 to do it he has £5655 but he only has 6 more days, pledges will not be taken if the DVD is not made , £10 ges a download £20 a...
  12. Film buffs - Road movies

    Vanishing Point is on Film 4 tomorrow night (1st March) at 11:50 pm. Carry on. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  13. Africa Twin Big Trip

    Africa Twin
    Hi, last time I meet two people on Africa Twin. I made movie about them. You can watch it on: Honda Africa Twin Big trip. Please watch and comment. Pawel
  14. Portland to Dakar short movie.

    Hmmm, I don't think this has already been posted but I think it definitely should be as it's great, some fantastic shots !!
  15. My mates R90/6

    This is a mate of mine from work. He bought a R90/6 -75 in october last year, and he have spent a lot of time in a small shed, without heat, and only one 75W bulb as light, fixing the bike up. First bike for him, and he's enjoying every mile. Just shows that an old Airhead, and a lot of elbow...
  16. Old times

    some films from the sixties, at least before 1967 as Sweden converted to right hand trafic that autum.
  17. What did you get for Christmas ?

    Merry Christmas one & all hope you had a fab festive one ! I got a fab digital tyre pressure gauge, simon's cat book, cars 2, captain america & the inbetweeners movie on dvd. Cars 2 is fab watched it before lunch, also got some brian griffin lounge pants, a brevil toaster, & some other fab &...
  18. XRV650R movie

    Africa Twin
    Vidéo honda xrv 650 r videos sur theyoutuberock le youtube rock Not that bad :thumbright:
  19. Movie Reviews

    From a man that hasn't had a TV for well over 10 years, a movie review is probably a bit odd. As I have far too many women to please, and not enough money to treat them all to the cinema, I tend to watch my movies online (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) I've seen quite a few...
  20. Where in the world!!!?

    RULES: Pictures must be from google earth/maps satellite and north orientated and must be the most upto date image available (i.e. no use of google earth historical images) You must provide a continent unless it will give away the answer There's a 72 hour time limit on each picture, if no-one...