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  1. Wanted: Transalp 600 Clocks in MPH

    For Sale / Wanted
    As title please, what have you got?
  2. Convert speedo from kph to mph

    Does anybody know how to reset the digital speedo on a xr 250 (2001) from kph to mph the bike is an import I've had a look on other threads on different bikes on here but none seem to work
  3. Whats your favourite tunes?

    Dominator / FMX
    I just bought myself an 8GB MP3 player and just spent the afternoon filling it up with my favourite tunes.:D:D:D If you had to choose your top 10 albums ,what would they be and why?:thumbup: If I see enough good suggestions ,I may have to get another memory card.:clown:
  4. Crossrunner mpg

    Crossrunner / Crosstourer
    Hi,I like the look of the Crossrunner & have seen a nice example for sale, But reading through the bikes reviews the poor MPG is putting me off, What sort of real world MPG should i expect , Ian, :(
  5. kph - mph

    Africa Twin
    Hi all can you tell me if I can fit one of those converter things to the speedo of my twin? ( a bit loathed to admit I have brought on without knowing if it can be fitted) thought I would ask?
  6. when a beemer chase a twin!

    Africa Twin
    BMW fall video by desertjoe1 - Photobucket
  7. Freeride

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Yummy, yummy......... KTM_350_FREERIDE.mp4 - YouTube
  8. Air Ambulance VAT petition

    I don't normally spread these around but was surprised at this one that the Air Ambulances have to pay VAT on fuel.. I think this report started it all MP in VAT plea for Yorkshire Air Ambulance (From York Press)
  9. A short ride out with a little history thrown in

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I'm sure the novelty of my new camera will wear off .................................................. .eventually:D but in the meantime
  10. Mp Book?

    Map Books? I am looking for an A4 or smaller European Road Atlas* and wondered if anyone has a recommendation? A ring binder would be ideal I reckon. I love me Zumo, but route planning is so much more fun with proper paper maps! :) Google earth? Pah!! * Covering at least, France, Germany and...