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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Item: 161387916823
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted MRA Vario Touring Screen for an A/T RD07a (the screen with the little adjustable spoiler at the top)
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a Vara 2003 onwards screen. Standard or MRA Vario touring only. Cheers
  4. Varadero
    Evening all !! Anyone here ridden a Vara with both Givi & Mra Vario screens ?? I have a givi on mine now, but would be very temped to get the latter, as I've had them before on other bikes and found them brilliant. However, all bikes are different, so thought I'd ask if anyones tried both. Cheers
  5. eBay - Varadero
    MRA Vario Touring Screen for Honda Varadero XL1000 tinted MRA Vario Touring Screen for Honda Varadero XL1000 tinted | eBay
  6. Varadero
    Hi, I have my mra vario screen on ebay if anyone is interested, I have upgraded to the new one, it fits the 2003 on model Cheers Justin
  7. Africa Twin
    Hi all I just purchased my first bike, a Africa Twin from 93:mrgreen: Love the bike allready!! Now I would like to purchase the Arai tour x3 or x4 to go with the bike because I like the style:o I have read on various sites that I will get trouble with turbulence, low frequency rumble and...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    My @ currently has a Givi touring screen but when wearing my Arai Tour Cross, without bar risers, I'm getting quite a bit of turbulance around the helmet and in my face with visor up. Has anyone experienced this and then changed to an MRA vario screen? or has someone found something else? It's a...
  9. I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, everybody, i am new to the site, had the @ for just over 6 months now, as ive posted its on a q plate so that narrows it down a bit came with tkc 80s and 2011 sticker above the lights.really enjoying the bike,but hate the wind noise,thinking of MRA vario to sort it out. i am...
  10. For Sale / Wanted
    So I'm after a MRA Touring screen for my 1997 Africa Twin, thought I would ask here before purchasing a new one. Like this one; MRA Vario Touring Screens for Honda Cheers
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all just wondering if anyone has an MRA vario screen for a 2001 650 Transalp knocking around? Regards Thinice
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    I got a "new" MRA Vario Screen for sale, it's been on my bike since last week and I have only been out with it a couple of times. That's the one: Motorcycle / Motorbike Performance Parts & Accessories I bought mine from this site: Varioscreen Maxi MRA Honda XRV 750 Africa Twin 96- rauchgrau No...
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    Im after trying different screens for my '02 varadero (xl1000) I find the standard screen is just at the wrong height, wind blast hits me right in the visor. Id be after trying any different screens, MRA vario, power bronze flip etc.... any old condition as long as they are cheap, its only for...
  14. Accessories
    After visiting Chad on Sunday he planted an idea in my brain regarding the Vara's screen. He suggested that I could get a piece of flexi-glass (which I have obtained) give it a slight bend (I'm thinking of boiling water at this stage) and bolt it to the top of my screen, slightly higher, with an...
  15. Transalp
    Hi all, as I said on a previous thread, my vario screen wasn't doing it for me. Being 6' tall, the highest setting still caused/allowed a lot of wind noise on the old noggin. Crouching down slightly in the saddle made everything go quiet, so I decided a cure must be possible. I came upon the...
  16. Transalp
    Yes it's a good day. Never mind that we have to give the banks another 24BILLION..... my new Leo Vince exhaust arrived. :blob3::blob4::blob3::blob4: I bought it from Germany on ebay. AUSPUFF LEOVINCE ALU HONDA XL 700 V TRANSALP BJ.`07-`10 (item 360353355391 end time 25-Mar-11...
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    An MRA vario screen as shown here. Bought in attempt to relieve pressure on my head, but found the MRA Vario Touring screen (with small spoiler) more effective. The screen was fitted and used for around 150 miles, and, daftly, I put a 'Steve Hislop' memorial sticker in the lower half as shown...
  18. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Please see eBay item 140423542692 26,450 miles, lots of extras including MRA Vario screen, SW Motech crash bars, Ricky Cross pannier racks, Venom silencer, BSM LED, Honda 45 litre topbox, Corbin seat (and OEM), Touratech VP45 tankbag base with side bags (not tankbag), Facet pump, Oxford...
  19. Varadero
    Sorry to raise this one again. I know that screen issues on the Vara have been discussed countless times in here before! After following all the threads on here re Vara screens, and having tried the alternative Givi Flip screen, I invested and fitted the MRA Vario screen, as from the Info on...
1-20 of 53 Results