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  1. Oil Lose

    Africa Twin
    Hello all Proud owner of a RD7A I'm suffering for an excessive oil lose, I fill the reservoir up to the max mark on the dipstick and 200 miles later the oil is half gone The oil appears to be leaking from one of the overflow tubes whilst parked on the side stand (although this anecdotal...
  2. 700 TA

    Hi, Got a 2008 700 TA in december, stuck it in the garage - the Mrs has then filled the garage with crap so I can't get in from the garden and the youngest's car has broken down in front so I can't get in the front, hence the possibly silly question. Want to get a paddock stand for it (cheaper...
  3. XRV Rear Wheel Rim ..

    Africa Twin
    I need a rear wheel rim as mine is getting past its sell by date .... ideally stock or gold and second hand im running stainless spokes and i will get the hubs blasted and coated again. I was going to get one of a chap here but TBH i messed him about a bit as i left the mrs after 20 odd years...
  4. TA Centre Stand

    After selling my second 650 TA last year and replacing it with a Vespa, I've now sold the Vespa bought a GS1150 decided it was too heavy and bought yet another TA. To cut a long story short I've been faced with having to fit a centre stand on the latest Alp. This one has been the easiest by far...
  5. cheeeep rider to passenger comms

    Bike Comms & Audio
    i ordered this for a friend because he wanted one just for one trip with his missus. Motorcycle Motorbike Helmet Intercom 2-Way Headset Mic for iPod MP3 Handsfree | eBay at this price, even if it went in the bin straight away, its no biggie. turns out on his trannie (the bike, not the mrs!) he...
  6. Happy birthday Stubbsie

    Hope you have a great birthday :-) .......hope Mrs Stubbsie bakes you one of her lovely cakes for your birthday. Have fun. :occasion6: :occasion7: :sunny: x
  7. For Sale: RD04 1993

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I HAVE DONE IT MY RD04 IS UP FOR SALE see item no 161281376126 on ebay reluctant sale but it must go, Mrs says so. Have a look n pm if interested. Cheers Ivan
  8. Kyleakin Cafe

    Hi all For any of you coming to Skye and expecting a highland welcome from Mrs RickSkye at Harrys café in Kyleakin, I am sad to say the café has been sold to new owners who, we have just been informed, do not require the services of Mrs RickSkye. Can't expand as this is a polite forum. I have...
  9. Why are they watching me !!!!

    Yesterday Mrs wizard and myself bought a load of ceramic tiles from Wicks (the diy place) and paid with the debit card. Last night when I was surfing ebay all the items that popped up that ebay think I might be interested in were either tile adhesive or tile grout. (Its usually Land Rover stuff...
  10. Witomoto

    Just heard from Peter at Witomoto. He is thinking about shutting shop as orders are few and far between. It would be a shame to lose his expertise and enthusiasm, not to mention the top quality of materials and workmanship. Things are tough all round, but that bit worse in Poland. So if you...
  11. a group i seen that will give you a laugh about idiots paking

    i seen this group earlier on me mrs facebook and i thought id share it because its comical looking how people think they should park haha
  12. Life is so unfair

    I've not had cream cakes for ages but as Mrs H had bought some I'd been looking forward to eating one all day and when I eventually got round to taking it out the fridge to eat it I dropped it and it ended up on the floor Not to worry there was another sealed and unopened box. That also came...
  13. Custom Seat XL 650 Transalp.

    What's it worth?
    It's a custom seat that came on my TA when I bought it. It was very comfy for me and the Mrs said it was brilliant for pillion. However being height challenged... The seat meant I could only tip toe the bike and made it a bit difficult for two up riding so I bought a low seat. Not sure how much...
  14. Did you vote for Mrs Thatcher ? Yes or No

    Did you vote for Mrs Thatcher ?
  15. A rack & fuel carrier...from a couple of chairs...

    Bodgers Corner
    Mrs RodYork is still waiting for the valentines day present. Before I give it to her:eek:, I thought I would run it past you guys first...dutch courage & all that. If I dont come back to you, then send out a search party...the clues in the name...and i'm a libran who may have run out of lives!
  16. Dementia? Where's that?

    Product Reviews
    Mrs just bought me a new whizzbang Samsung laptop for Christmas. Wow! Windows 8, lightning fast, miles and miles better than my old Vista Dell Awkward. Now, if only I could find where to put the paraffin in, I'll be cooking with gas (??) Jock :clown:
  17. Hairy Bikers

    Last night Mrs Stubbsie, Miss Stubbsie & I went to Llandudno theatre to see the Hairy Bikers live. A brilliant show which was topped when I was invited on stage to have my tea cooked by Si & Dave, in front of an audience of a few hundred people, I was described by Si as looking like a drug...
  18. Mobility scooter problem

    Ok I know its a bit of a long shot but hey if you don't ask ....... My good lady's Shoprider Mobility scooter seems to have developed a fault after she managed to get stuck in a patch of mud (don't ask how). After engaging the free running lever and pushing it out of the mud and re-engaging...
  19. Sixth Welsh Invasion Change of Dates

    Welsh Invasion
    Right guys here's the thing, for personal reasons I've had to change the dates to February 15/16/17th 2013 This may be easier because it's half term week. For the original dates I had Frad + 1 Bob the limp Lord & Lady V Chad Sharri + J Craig Mr + Mrs Austin PeterPan Barftone + car Russ +...
  20. Mrs Whealie the prime minister

    OK so we misread the envelope. IMG_0002 by whealie, on Flickr Actually it was letter from Big Dave thanking her for volunteering in the paralympics opening ceremony.