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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    Brackets for auxiliary fan are back in stock. You can now run two fans. Ideal for sand and mud riding in hot climate. You can spot weld them or use a special aluminum glue. 50$ cad a set. Includes bolts. Only 20 sets available.
  2. Dominator / FMX
    So here's my build to throw into the pot. Are there any original dominators left?! :p Wanted to go down the scrambler route rather than the street tracker look, as wanted it to be able to cope with some off roading. Have therefore made up a tray in the subframe which will house most of the...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    Wondering just how well the Dominator handles offroad? And if anyone uses one as a greenlaning bike? Picked up a old beaten up bike that I am in the slow process of converting into a scrambler, but one that will actually cope with a bit of mud and green lanes. So just wondering how well they...
  4. Dominator / FMX
    Greetings from Denmark. My son passed his test for a motorbike today so as soon as we can get the insurance and registration sorted he will be let loose on this. He has spent the last six months getting it ready and I need to follow him for a while to make...
  5. Dominator / FMX
    Hello ! Much to my disappointment I cannot find a good way and am a bit out of ideas, how to fit some rubber or something for shielding the rear shock from all the crap rear wheel tosses at it. One of exaust pipes seems to be a bit in the way (or to burn away any rubber nearby). Any good ideas...
  6. Transalp
    i have seen som xl700 pics with a different front fender. i think its from touratech, but i can't find anything on their website. anyone godt any info on this???
  7. Africa Twin
    Spent all day Saturday filming with the 'Adventure Bike TV' crew in my local forest. They've been covering the new 'Africa Twin' motorbike which was launched quite recently and they wanted to film the original 'Africa Twin' bike from the beginning of the concept. There were four of us riding on...
  8. Other Honda
    I didn't get a picture, but my local dealer had one of these today when I called in. Basically an NC750X with crash bars and an alloy sumpguard/bash plate (in black), and Knobblies. Looked quite nice, and the bash plate seemed to protect the exhaust and Cat quite well. But ever since the NC700's...
  9. Chatter
    We put mirrors on my sons bike today because we are going to register it next week and get it road legal. Jnr asked if he could try it out and its his first ride on a bike since he sold his moped last year. :thumbup: I am sure he will have it up on the back wheel tear arsing through mud in no...
  10. Dominator / FMX
    New to the Big Single experience and new to the forum. I bought one of Bobn's well fettled Vigors on a whim because I wanted a Winter bike. Knowing nothing about them its all been a learning curve, and as it happens a real good one. Ideally suited to our sugar beet lorrry, mud encrusted country...
  11. Africa Twin
    Hi All, I have a small crack on the front mud guard on the AT, I wanted to use some pvc or abs cement to melt-weld it. However my knowledge of plastic is rubbish and I do not know if the mud guard Is ABS or PVC? I'm guessing ABS but would like to be sure before buying the cement. Can...
  12. For Sale / Wanted
    As above, has anyone got one or a pair of silver ones please? My rear is badly corroded. Thanks Mud
  13. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi everyone, I've just picked up an lmf as a restoration project. The rear wheel is shot, does anyone have a decent one or a suggestion as go what I could fit as an alternative please? It's currently got gold wheels. Thanks Mud
  14. Dominator / FMX
    Just back in from a 4 hour b-road ride on the new BT45's - the bike is transformed! Kicking myself for persevering with the awful Avon Distanzas for so long - the bike is now stable, copes with broken surfaces and has grip at last - a real pleasure to ride now! Can't speak for off-road riding...
  15. Transalp
    HI PEEPS Bloody only gone and crashed the tranny ( 650 ) in a local ford got covered head to toe in mud but was only shaken thank the lord , Fortunatly the tranny seems ok apart from a bent set of bars . anyone replaced there bars , if so whats the best no / little fuss option ? thanks
  16. Ride Reports and Pictures
    On 24-27 of April we were happy to participate in that festival , we spoke with old friends and met some new one.We had lovely time the weather was perfect as soon as the place.The place is an old factory of gas.This factory was responsible for the lights on the streets in the center of...
  17. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last weekend took place the annual moto festival in Athens Africa Twin club of Greece was there the whole weekend. We saw old and new friends We gave one motorcycle to Honda full of mud over the sign of True Adventure and generally we had wonderful time talking and dreaming about trips and...
  18. Mechanical Advice
    DOH :lol: I purchased some new fork gaiters for my Transalp 600 from china and as I was removing my mud guard I snapped the front left retaining bolt . there is a tiny tiny bit sticking out not enough to possibly catch with a vice grips so im going to weld on a washer then weld a nut to...
  19. Transalp
    How many people here wash up their bikes after an offroad session? I love going exploring green lanes and single track roads but i hate washing off the mud after!! R
  20. Dominator / FMX
    Hi to everyone not been on here much of late. Out riding my dommy all winter in all conditions and still love it to pieces. Just recently whilst cleaning I noticed my exhaust has some serious corrosion think it's been held together for a while with mud :) considering imo this is the Origanal...
1-20 of 116 Results