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  1. fenda extenda or old fashion mudflap

    I was thinking of fitting a fenda extenda to the front mudguard on my transalp, when I came across a honda mudflap on e-bay. Are mudflaps a thing of the past, a great bit of kit for a fiver, and they do a great job, yet everyone seems to fit plastic fenda extenda's, !!, apart from £15, whats the...

    As a new TA owner I am surprised to see no TA's fitted with a rubber mudflap on the front wheel mudguard to keep all that mud off the front of the bike. I am thinking of making my own. Anyone tried this before?
  3. XR 400 rear shock protector mudflap thingy !!!!

    I would like to purchase a new one does anyone know the part number for it? Thanks
  4. WTB RD04 Rear mudflap and tail light

    For Sale / Wanted
    Shoot me a pm or email with price including shipping to 91364 postal code (California). David Spares was out of them Christian [email protected]
  5. rear mudflap anybody?

    Varadero much cheaper than hugger Any good ? Lun
  6. "Fenda Extenda" or Mudflap or .......... ??

    I don't do any "mudplugging", so I don't need loads of clearance between tyre and mudguard. I find the standard front mudguard just a wee bit short and now that the gritters are out again, I am starting to get anoyed at the amout of "keech" getting thrown onto the front of the frame above the...
  7. Fitted a front mudflap!

    Africa Twin
    Well I realised that several people had tried to get one and they are not available for the @. Well I have found this one and it took 10 mins to fit. No cutting or reshaping needed. I sourced this from Infinity Motorcycles and they have branches nationwide. Mail order number is...01252...