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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Hi all.i want to fit a high mudgaurd but my bottom yolk doesnt have the correct holes to just bolt one on.have people made brackets or are they useing different yolks.
  2. XR
    Has anyone got any links to places that sell tail or front mudgaurd type packs? I desperately need to lighten the load on my rucksack! Thanks.
  3. Africa Twin
    Than a Suzuki GS125 :D Seeing Chad's feeble efforts reminded me I hadn't put any pics of the road-rage RD03 Africalp up lately. No it's not staying white, that's just the base coat, I think it'll end up AUDI blue like the mudgaurd (then I can push everyone outta the way) :D
  4. Africa Twin
    Been fartin about with my naff welder and knocked up some light guards. And the mudgaurd is a new addition:D Must be bored eh and yes it supposed to look rough not keen on standard bikes me and a big fan of mad max. Although not ruining it by choppin it up:| Oh and the wheel rims painted em aswell!
  5. Africa Twin
    Well chaps the xrv has out lived the varadero its gone and I'm still lurkin on my nato issue xrv. With a new enduro mudgaurd and black rims of course! still rate the africa as a better bike.:D
  6. Transalp
    Can anyone help? I just bought some panniers and rack from ebay, can't seem to get the rack to fit. The front of the top of the rack lines up as does the two holes on the rear of the pegs bracket but do i have to cut out some of the plastic that is the top of the mudgaurd and have they changed...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    well its not an AT but a0 they dont sell them here and b) this is gonna be her track bike :wink: shes in the garage now cuttin that rear mudgaurd off as we speak LOL
1-7 of 7 Results