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  1. SLR650 17" front wheel

    Dominator / FMX
    Hey all After about 3 years, I'm about to kick off the build of my SLR650 scrambler/tracker. I'm looking to get a 17" front wheel & am looking at fitting a 120/70/17 up front with 150/70/17 rear Continental TKC80's. Now after some research, I'm not sure if these will fit on the current wheel...
  2. Wanted: XRV750 Front Fender (White)

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am in need of a white front fender for my 1993 RD07. If anyone has one in decent condition that they would sell, please contact me. It is one of the last pieces I need for my complete rebuild I am doing. I already have brand new white plastic lower fork leg covers, so I just need the...
  3. Rd03 and rd04

    Africa Twin
    Can I use the rear sub frame, mudguard, reg plate holder and light from a RD04 to fit on my rd03 also Do rd04 side panels fit without to much hassle. Thanks
  4. Transalp 650. Mudguard bridge (front). Which way round?

    Hello all, Just been doing a bit of work on the front of my bike. This involved moving the mudguard bridge. When I took it off I didn't notice which way round it was. The manual says it has an arrow telling you which way round it goes. Mine was too rusty to read any arrow! Please could someone...
  5. For Sale: Africa Twin RD07/RD07a forks

    For Sale / Wanted
    Coming soon: my spare pair of RD07a forks (also fit RD07, but don't have the valve for "air assistance" in the fork cap). I don't think these fit an RD04. I say "coming soon" as I have one sheared fork brace bolt to remove :hmph: You could have them right away (and cheap) if you were...
  6. Looking for bolts can anyone help?

    Africa Twin
    I have bought a 97 RD07a and there is an aftermarker rear end on it. I want to put the original back on so I can have a top box. Problem being that I dont have the bolts for the rear mudguard and rear carrier. I have checked online but its nearly 80 quid for replacement ones. Does anyone have...
  7. topbox advice

    Africa Twin
    picked up my new steed today and need some advice regarding a topbox. I will be using the bike to commute 70 miles each day, so will want my stuff off my back. There is an aftermarket rear mudguard and plate on the bike but the bar will impeed having a topbox and the plate bends up at the end...
  8. For Sale: RD07a USED & NEW PARTS Look Into

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have to make some room in my cellar. Just collecting all the time. But now its time to sell some stuff: Front Lights Left Side Panel 1996 (NEW, never used, OEM, original package) Front & Side Panels (Used, somewhere broken but good as spare, Fully Functional) 2X Rear MudGuard (not clean...
  9. Wanted: RD07 / 7a

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a front mudguard in white and also a rear guard in white
  10. Transalp front mudguard on a RD04 ?

    Hi Does any of you know, if i can put on a front mudguard from a Transalp on my RD04 1991? For styling reasons i would like to get rid of the plastic protectors on the frontfork. Best Dan
  11. For Sale: transalp 600 1991 for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    hi all, first post on this site ;) so i bought a transalp from a guy who bought my tiger,i stripped most of the body work off inc fairing ,clocks, luggage rack, indicators etc, I've kept all the parts. it was serviced just before i bought it , starts on the button mileage is 39k (only took...
  12. Rat Bike/Tracker project nearing completion

    Well we have gone from this to this then... and to and.. Frame, yoke, swingarm and wheels all powdercoated. Engine sprayed matt black. Tank stripped and clear lacquered. I know it wont be to everyone's taste on here, but I am pretty happy with it so far. There are a few...
  13. Pannier frames & Scotoiler

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I am looking to purchase some pannier frames for my RD07A and have been in touch with Alex at Heavy Duties. My bike has a Touring Scotoiler fitted which mounts between the mudguard and the number plate, I am concerned the cross piece that connects the two racks at the back may...
  14. Switch under rear mudguard

    Hi I started the long awaited complete strip down of my 87 TA the other day and noticed a switch mounted under the rear mudguard. It is attached to an orange relay(?) with 6 connectors (only 2 of which are used). Any idea what it is? Cheers David
  15. XL125V 2005 headlight adjuster screw

    I was adjusting the headlight on my 125 varadero (XL125V 2005) and the adjuster screw has wound out of the internal nut. Is the headlight a sealed unit? if i take it off will i be able to open it up and re-attach the spring and screw. At the moment the headlight is shining at my front mudguard...
  16. Tansalp XL600VV forks

    I have damaged the left hand fork slider (bottom at the thread where the spindle screws in). I can get second hand ones from ebay but they are from the single disk model. Now, the single disk model has the disk on the l/h/s, good, I obviously need the mounts for the calliper, but are they the...
  17. Help with high level mudguard on a Dommie

    Dominator / FMX
  18. My New Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ten...

    Okay here she is, my new bike. A 2013 XT1200Z Super Tenere in White. Picked her up from Tamworth Yamaha yesterday. Done 13,000mls and in excellent condition. She was given a service, 1st MOT, fork seals replaced (one was weeping) new front mudguard (old one had a hairline crack where previous...
  19. Free: Now Gone: Transalp 600 front fork legs

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a pair of Transalp 600 fork legs going for free (just pay the postage or collect from Sheffield) They have the mudguard studs stuck in the threads and one has been drilled through at some point, The internals and upper legs are all fine PM me if interested or they go to the tip this...
  20. For Sale: KTM 950/990 Adventure Front Mudguard (black)

    For Sale / Wanted
    As in heading... Shiny black in excellent condition Make me an offer ?