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  1. Cutting up my mudguard. Asbestos sticker.

    Dominator / FMX
    I was just about to take a jigsaw and dremel to my mudguards to shorten and reshape them when I see an asbestos sticker on the rear mudguard underneath the rear rack. It's an RD02 88-89 model and I'm now wondering if this was just stuck on sometime in its life or if these mudguards actually...
  2. Aftermarket front mudguard

    Africa Twin
    Are there any aftermarket front mudguards for the AT? I was surprised not to find any fibreglass/carbon kevlar replacements on the Rugged Roads site! There's only white OEM mudguards on eBay too. :(
  3. For Sale: KTM Orange front mudguards and Acerbis hand guards

    For Sale / Wanted
    The clear out continues. 2 KTM front mudguards and sets of hand guards all unused. One of the mudguards has a lug missing but is still perfectly useable. £20 collection or £25 posted. Will go on ebay on Sunday if no takers.
  4. Wanted: Africa Twin mudguards and covers

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Need front mudguard and fork covers also rear guard (not number plate holder) in black got rearended at standstill by car pushed me into car in front. :(
  5. PlastiDip

    Product Reviews
    Just wondering if anyone has ever used PlastiDip for protecting various parts of bikes? It seems like it might be useful for places like under mudguards, etc. I've seen it used on car wheels and badges
  6. Best treatment for chrome mudguards

    You might throw me off for asking here, but my second bike has chrome mudguards which are pretty bare underneath; ie they haven't been treated. What would you suggest as a good idea for treating underneath? Waxoyl? Spray paint them? Just keep on with the ACF50? Any other ideas appreciated...
  7. Wanted: Rear Shock and Black mudguards for 1999 AT

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I am in the middle of a rebuild, powdercoated frame, wheels etc of my 1999 africa Twin and looking for a good rear shock i.e. ohlins or wp or maybe Hagon etc. Does anyone have a good secondhand shock that they are looking to sell. Maybe you are returning your bike to standard? I am also...
  8. new mudguards to match tank

    Anyone know which manufacturers aftermarket mudguards match the original Honda red as the set i have just got are the new cr colour which is a flourescent red Thanks