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  1. Transalp Mugs

    I have some mugs to clear now that the shop is closed. £3.50 posted to clear. PM me if you want one. Payment by PayPal gift only. I'll give you the email addy to send the money to when you PM. DO NOT SEND THE MONEY TO THE OLD XRV PAYPAL ADDRESS. Thanks Dave
  2. Transalp mugs

    All, I have loads of Transalp mugs to sell. They are a bargain £2.50 each. Roll up roll up. :D:D Help me to shift a few please. Cheers Dave
  3. Transalp Stickers and Mugs

    OK ladies and gentlemen the decals for the National Meet and the latest Transalp "Takes you anywhere" decals are available in the shop. Also got Transalp mugs for sale as well in the shop now. Please form an orderly queue.:D:D:D
  4. Mugs

    The mugs are back! I have loads of Africa Twin and now some new Transalp mugs to sell. Here's a piccy of the TA mugs.
  5. TA Mugs

    Just a quickie. You guys up for some mugs with the following logo on?
  6. SHop - mugs

    Noticed that the mugs are not fo sale anymore. I had a thought, is there any chance of getting insulated mugs done as they are more useful on camping trips?
  7. Africa Twin Mugs - buy from here

    Africa Twin
    The mugs have arrived! You can buy yours here. Click on this link and buy as many as you can afford! There is a breakdown of costs so you know where the money is going and all I ask is be generous and support the site because we all know.. It's more than a...