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  1. Yes I know; tire pressures again!

    Dominator / FMX
    Gents, just a quick one; I have an SLR650 with Continental Twinduro TKC 80 multi use tyres. F - 110/80 19 R - 120/90 17 whats the best pressures? I know the manual says 22/22psi but its too low. Nothing on Continental website specifically to say what pressures although couple of interesting...
  2. rd04 front brake light....

    Africa Twin
    whilst backing June down a dark alley, i noticed the front brake light wasn't working. i replaced the switch with 2 new, & 1 off Dumbo, switched wires too. With the lights on & off, results - fully lit rear bulb then no lights when the lever is pulled in. Anyone have any ideas, before...
  3. For Sale: Pivot Pegz for XLV 650/700

    For Sale / Wanted
    Pivot Pegz for XLV 650/700.(Yr 2000-2008) For when you get sick of slipping and sliding off your OEM pegs. In good nick apart from some superficial scratches on one. (pictured) Pivot Pegz Multiple Testimonials Happy to post from Australia. $160AU + postage Cheers, Graeme
  4. anyone heard of these bikes?

    a friend in the philippines has placed an order for one of these Adventure Motorcycle - CSC's RX-3 Cyclone Receives EPA Approval he rides a multi-strada and he reckons quality of the engineering on it is not that bad compared to his duke although the plastics and accessories are a bit, well...
  5. shuberth c3pro from - anyone used them

    Hi guys, Sent the c3pro for £380 at looking at changing my multitec and wondered of anyone has bought from these guys? Cheers
  6. Cheap Arai Tour X4

    I was in Carlisle Honda yesterday and he has some Arai Tour X4 lids for sale at a discounted price. He has 2x white, 2x multi coloured and 1x black and white in a matt scheme. The multi's were marked at £500 and he is selling for £370. Trouble is they are only in Small and medium sizes! Lloyd...
  7. motocross/enduro/motorbike tool bag?

    Hi guys can I get some advice as what to put in a tool bag? I know I need the basics of spanners, screwdrivers. Pliers/multi tool .spare fuses. Spare bulbs. And my mind has gone blank now haha so if anyone has more ideas of what to stick in one it would be really appreciated :)
  8. Shoei Multitec Visor

    My helmet needs a new visor as the 2 that it came with when I bought the helmet are quite marked now. Off I went to the Internet, home of all bargains... Ho bloody Ho. £45...! For a visor!!! And that is without a new Pinlock insert... They must be taking the Mick!! Anyone found a good deal...
  9. 25% Discount on Bike Insurance for forum members

    Discounts / Deals
    As a forum member you are eligible for up to 25% off your Bike Insurance through Bikesure. Bikesure offers a wide range of schemes to cover most aspects of forum member discounted policies including: Discounts for UKGSer Subscribers, Limited mileage discounts, Multi-bike policies, Cover for...
  10. Spongy brake after bleeding

    Brake bleeding was Always a job I hated doing so I bought one of those pumps that sucks the fluid through. Problem is though I still have spongy brake although the bike does stop eventually....! I find that when I bleed system I get through about halt a bottle of fluid as i cant seem to get rid...
  11. multi-bike european roadside recovery?

    Just done insurance quotes for 2 @'s, Nash £440!!! all inc helmet, euro-cover, euro breakdown etc etc, Hastings...... could do both seperately for £260, multibike £164, But... no breakdown cover... not even uk could be offered. Anyone got a seperate multi-bike European roadside recovery, AA...
  12. who the F*#K does cameron think he is

    I've got to say david cameron's omnipotence in the media was really beginning to irritate me anyway . But I think his latest latest naming-and-shaming stunt about 'tax avoidamce' is downright despicable. He deliberately highlights jimmy carr a well-known comedian knowing full well that his...
  13. Flip Lid Helmets.

    Im looking at the Caberg Justisimo Nolan 103 AGV Longway and the Shoei Multitec that i cant really afford! Anybody got some advice on flip lids before i part with my hard earned cash. Looked at so many reviews and now well and truly confused...
  14. Flip front lids again

    I'm after a flip front lid. I wear a Shoei at the moment and i know that they are now starting to discontinue the multitec as they realeased the Neo-tec a while ago now. jUst wondering if anyone has used the NEO-Tec and if th eprice difference between the 2 lids would be worth it just to have...
  15. Voltage

    Mechanical Advice
    I really, REALLY don't understand electricity. The car has a voltmeter that is showing about 11V when the car is running. Putting the multi-meter across the battery terminals shows 12.10 at rest and 11.30 when running. Can there be any other explanation than that the alternator's shot? Thank...
  16. Soho's Quad

    Picking up my new Quad "450 Apache Sport" on Wednesday. :D Can't get it on my E-bikes multi bike policy as they don't do Quads. :( Anyone here got decent quad bike insurance/advice ? :) Thaaankyou velly march. :thumbup:
  17. Carb or Fuel Injection balancing

    I have Davida gauges, so won't be buying this, but wow! this makes it verrrrry easy. Harmonizer Vacuum Multi-Tool -- It ain't your Daddy's Twinmax - ADVrider
  18. Multi Map/Bling. how old

    I was having a look on Multi Map (Now Bling) to have a look at routes on the OS maps and woundered how old they were. So i had a look at were i live and found the OS is at least 3 years old as my house is not on there, and the Satalite view could be at least 10 years old as the industrial est is...
  19. Very cheap multi lense sunglasses

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites | PBK Sunglasses | 70% OFF - PBK Iron Sunglasses less than a tenner come with 5 sets of different lenses, mine arrived next day, nice bit of kit.
  20. Multi Bike Policies

    Which insurance company's do you use for a Multi Bike Policy :confused: