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  1. XL250S Headlight issue

    Hi all, my XL250S has started blowing the dip filament as soon as it is turned on. The main beam is fine with no issues. When I checked with a multimeter I found the white wire has continuity to earth when the lights are switched on. Has anyone any ideas what might be causing it or what to...
  2. Battery Advice

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I think I have excessive draw on the battery on my XRV 750 AT. I have used a multimeter set on 10 amps and checked the main -ve and also the separate Facet fuel pump -ve. I get: Main -ve 0.08 (800 milliamps I think) Fuel Pump -ve 0.04 (400 milliamps I think) I think this is too much but...
  3. Confussed over this plug and wires

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All I am fitting a phone holder to my Dommie (1996 RD08). When I came to wire it in I found the pictured wire and connector under the seat above the battery. It has the same type of plug as my phone charger and would be an ideal plug in point if it is a switched connector. It is hard wired...
  4. Mosfet Regulator rectifier

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anybody fitted one of these to their domi if so which one. I think the one i fitted to the AT will do it but not 100% sure. I've just fitted a volt meter to my bike and its pushing out 17.6v on tickover with nothing switched on, its ok with the lights on. I've compared it with my multimeter...
  5. XR 125 2004 starting problems

    Just bought bike. started fine when being shown bike 3 hours later would not start turned over a few times - then Nhhhh sound only ( not firing/ turning over at all ) Lights seem bright Voltage on battery was 18 ( on 20v range - I don't have a 12v range on my multimeter! ) Is the starter...
  6. Transalp 600 switched live.

    Hi, I'm going to fit heated grips and spot lights to my 89 Transalp and need to find an ignition switched live to trigger the relay, I've had a prod around with a multimeter this evening but can't seem to find anything suitable, anyone got any suggestions. Cheers Jon Sent from my LT26i using...
  7. charging voltage question

    Africa Twin
    following on from my cdi dying along with the reg rec and battery i've replaced all the components and the reg rec is an R6 one. new earth from battery to frame and the wiring of the reg rec done according to a few on here. tickover on my multimeter im getting 15.2v it doesnt go up ur down when...
  8. Dodgy battery? Anyone can help ?

    Africa Twin
    XRV750 RD07A 1997. Battery flat, got bike started and rode with lights off to recharge. Today I took some measurements with a multimeter across the battery terminals Engine switched off 12.3 Volts (seems a bit low to me) At tickover with lights off, battery shows 14.2 Volts At tickover with...
  9. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhh electrics

    Africa Twin
    My bike is charging fine then not charging and then charging then not. Doing the multimeter test I get 14.3 no lights and then 13.8 with lights, then 13.2,12.9,13.6,13.2,12.8,13.5 etc etc, up and down like a yoyo, what can be causing the undulations in the charging circuit.
  10. DIY plating kits , any good ?

    anyone tried a kit something like this Large Zinc Electroplating Plating Kit restore Car and Bike FREE multimeter | eBay and were you happy with the results,
  11. RD03/04 owners - with a multimeter

    Africa Twin
    Right then ladies and gentlemen, I'm after some electrical measurements. After this thread about low fuel indication, I'm after a measurement of the resistance of the sensor, or even both sensors, when the tank is empty. I'm expecting it to be less then 100 Ohms, but I'd like to know how low is...
  12. Snap-on multimeters

    Discounts / Deals
    EEDM504D, Auto-ranging Digital Multimeter These are £200+ on the website, dealers promotion at the moment £99
  13. can anyone confirm this?

    Africa Twin
    just read on another motorcycle based website that if you disconnect your earth terminal from the battery and then connect a multimeter to the battery earth and the other lead to the earth terminal, then the reading should be zero and any other reading shows that something is creating a constant...
  14. Deactivating side stand switch

    Africa Twin
    If someone happens to remember wich wires needs to connect together at loom i`d be grateful and i wouldn`t need to find my multimeter :)
  15. Tripmaster not working

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm new on here so if the subject has been covered before don't shoot I come in peace. The clock is working, the stopwatch is working but the distance facilities aren't. I've checked with a multimeter and I'm getting an electrical reading when the front wheel is being rotated. Anyone with...
  16. Soldering a Multimeter- good or bad?

    Hi all, as it says really, I was trying to fix/fit a car stereo at the weekend and the wire from one of the prongs (for want of a better or maybe more acurate term) came out, I stripped it a little more and shoved it back in, to make a more permanant fix could I not drop some solder on the...
  17. Compact multimeter

    I've recently been taking a pocket multimeter on the bike as someone often has an electrical fault when out. Trouble is all the leads get tangled up, so I purchased one of these from Wilko's (the one on the left!) - under 8 quid & quite a bit smaller than most pocket m/m's on the market & comes...
  18. Multimeter question

    Mechanical Advice
    Just checked my RD07a's reg/rec after the battery decided to go flat after commuting home last night, and sure enough one of the diodes is shot. I first checked the reg/rec with an old analogue multimeter which gave the correct resistance reading to 5 of the diodes (800 ohms forwards, open...
  19. multimeter

    Africa Twin
  20. multimeter

    Need help from u guys.How to use multimeter to check on regulator/recifier,battery n alternator.Can plz tell me in detail.Hope u ppl can cler the air.