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  1. IZIMeeting 2019 - 10-12.05

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Dear Friends! Biker boys and biker girls! Let us invite you all to the IZI Meeting for the ninth time! As usual on the second weekend of May, as usual at the Grodziec Castle. You will find everything you like: meetings with friends, loads of good, live music, Saturday rides of different type...
  2. Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

    Bike Comms & Audio
    I'm hopeful that someone can assist with some help. I'm after a pair of bluetooth helmet speakers that will allow me to pair to both my Garmin Zumo and my phone for music. I've looked at quite a few on the web but I can't seem to see any that will pair with two devices at once. I did order a...
  3. The 2nd Countrymen Rally 2016 - from 8th to 10th April

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    In glorious Cumbria near Alston. Last year for the inaugural rally there was chilli and baked spud, full breakfasts, BBQ, large communal fire and live music, ride outs to the Lakes, Kielder Forest drive and the Scottish Border. Location: Haggs Bank Bunkhouse Nentsberry Alston Cumbria CA9...
  4. Skegness Charity Bike Night 2016

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Skegness Charity Bike Night 2016 Thursday 21st July - 4pm - Late. Live music - Various stalls. Lifeboat Station, Tower Esplanade, Skegness, PE25 3HH
  5. Lemmy (Motorhead ) R.I.P 28/12/2015

    sad news the music will live forever
  6. AfricaTwin club on a rock concert for Rory Gallagher

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Saturday night we had the pleasure to watch a live concert for Rory Gallagher from the band of friends. Great rock music along with great performance
  7. Music survey.

    I was having a mooch on the net to find some music I hadnt heard for ages and it took me back to when I was younger. What music takes you back a bit and still sounds as good as it ever did. :thumbup: Heres my suggestion.
  8. Got a GoPro today!

    I got my new GoPro Hero in the mail today, so i figured i would test it on my way home from work :D That exhaust sound is just music in my ears :angel4:
  9. Platanos Kynourias and the cherry festival

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last weekend we had the owner to participate on the cherry festival that took place on Platanos Kynourias village A small village in Peloponese,22.6566576/37.3235593,22.6566637/@37.2637146,22.7443509,12z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e2?hl=el unique with friendly...
  10. A Proud Father writes ...

    A Proud Father writes; My Son and his West Cork Chums ... The TreeSleepers - Say Yes To Everything - Genre: Rock/Funk/Ska with a dash of gypsy. Rotten Roll. This is West Cork HomeBrew and it's Music for Dancing! - TreeSleepers' Home page -...
  11. Devon: BMAD starting this Friday

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Well it's that time of year again, 'Bikers Make a Difference' weekend down on the sea front in Paignton, usual mix of bands, stalls and music etc. Anyone fancy meeting up and heading down? BMAD Paignton Bike Festival
  12. Budapest. No turning back now.

    After some thought on whether to go to the Szgret music festival in August I've finally taken the plunge and purchased entry, VIP camping and parking tickets. My main concern was where would I park the Transalp. Have been in touch with the organisers and have found out that for a €20.00 fee I...
  13. Newbie looking for travel info to Hungary.

    Hello all. Have just joined this group and looking forward to "meeting" some friendly fellow bikers. Having been away from 2 wheels for around 15 years I'm getting excited because I will be collecting a low mileage Transalp this coming Saturday :-) I'm in my 60s but generally feel, and act, a...
  14. Online bike videos and music

    What is it about motorbikes that influences people to think that all motorcyclists love having a heavy rock soundtrack(normally ACDC) over a video of a motorbike? I bloody hate it! The engine is the soundtrack. Keep the music on your own iPod. I like a bit of Judas Priest, seen them live twice...
  15. Tauerntreffen 2014 Ride up to the Oberst Klinke Huette

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just the clip from my ride up to the top from the ski lift where we fitted the snow chains. No music or anything yet sorry guys
  16. MP3

    Not music, that Piaggio MP3 threewheeler thing... I think I could stomach one of those in this trim: :D:D:D The action starts at about 8 minutes. Randy Grubb's Decopods - Jay Leno's Garage - YouTube
  17. Recommend me some tunes

    I've given google play music all access a go and the musical world is my lobster so how about some music recommendations. And Whealie. I still don't like Florence and the machine so don't bother :)
  18. Meesh's "beautiful dad" takes final bow...:-(

    Meesh has asked me to let you guys and gals know that her (in her own words) "beautiful dad" passed away peacefully, a few days ago, after a very difficult few months. Those of us who had been fortunate enough to meet him in person, will remember him as a very fine, old school, kind, English...
  19. 10min vid, quick tart-up of an @, music ok too

    Africa Twin
  20. The Daft Yanks are at it again

    Be intersting to see who gets blammed for it this time, or what type of music or what video game he / she was playing at the time. Why do the let americans loose with weapons, it like asking McDonalds to look after your cow you know it's not going to end well. I'd like to know the full story...