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  1. Transalp
    Got the kit to make one but can't find dimensions. Someone must have farkled one together before now. I did find a thread by a guy who'd knocked up a removable one that looked nice but he didn't share the design and it was a while ago.
  2. Chatter
    "Dawn is red... blood must have been spread tonight", (Lord of the rings, I don't remember exactly what the sentence is...) The sun rises and I am sad and shocked because of today's news in Paris... ...
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    hi im after a camshaft for a 1983 xl250rc, must have the pin to drive rpm tacho or atleast the hole to put in my own pin. i have lots of spares and 2 working bottom ends with numbers electrics etc etc. contact me cheers ken
  4. Dominator / FMX
    Not exactly related to the Dominator/FMX theme but I came across evil bay item 111703618069 What the hell is going on! Did nobody tell him to stop? It must have taken ages and loads of money to do, perhaps the owner has now been sectioned?
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    Only hubs needed (and rear sprocket carrier). Must have good threaded holes (not mangled). Paint condition doesn'T matter. I will bead blast and paint. TIA Lee
  6. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda xl 600 wanted, must have electric start, preferably LM. cash waiting
  7. Chatter
    Snorkel swimming at Rdum il-Qawwi, Malta, on 19/8/2014. In about 20 feet depth of clear mediterranean sea, saw this recently dumped fridge ... Well away from the rocky shore, it must have been dropped there by a boat. EffineffininSavages !
  8. Africa Twin
    What's the process for removing rocker covers to RD04 1993 with carbs removed and engine still in frame. Had a go this pm but no joy. Have searched the forum but nothing immediate shown - somebody must have had a go at this so what's the trick. Regards Linward
  9. XL
    c,mon guys someone must have an aftermarket silencer for my xl600 lmf or any xl 600 silencer,mark
  10. XR
    Evening All, Second trip out for the XR400 - and it was quite wet. Water Lane near Alton lived up to its name, I rode with a group called the Crowthorne Puddle Jumpers - 16 set out on Sunday, and must have been 7 XR400's. Regards Stuart
  11. Everything Orange - KTM
    KTM GARDEN GNOME STREET - Garden - At home - Accessories - PowerWear
  12. Chatter
    Want one..... NOW!!!!! Megagadget Would it work on the Glencoe beasties??
  13. Chatter
    Ok, it's a day late, being 4th May. or May the fourth be with you :D I was at a music festival yesterday dressed as Yoda as it was my eldest lad's stag do, an all day drinking sesh. The rest of the motely crew were Chewbaca, R2D2,The lord himself of course, and last but not least my son dressed...
  14. Transalp
    Honda XL 650 Transalp V6 2006 (650 CC) - Kickstart Oil Seal | eBay Mine must have fallen off! :-(
  15. Africa Twin
    I am amazed just how many at's are in ayia Napa! I must have seen ten different ones in two days! And I also talked to a guy that owns a bike shop and just sold his at and has a perfectly restored old Honda mb80! I will post pics when I am back home.
  16. Accessories
    Ultimate camping kit for the GSA!!
  17. Insurance
    ...i'm off to ride morocco at end of October, but on checking with my insurance they only insure me through Europe. i told the guy from my insurance that i needed cover for morocco, but i think he must have slept through his geography classes at school, because he told me i was ok because i was...
  18. For Sale / Wanted
    morning all,someone must have a spare xl/xr 250s/500s twinshock fuel tank to sell?message me im desperate otherwise its an expensive plastic clarke jobby cheers mark.
  19. Africa Twin
    This question must have been asked before but will a Transalp 600 CDI work on the AT RD03? I am asking the question on behalf of my brother. Thanks in advance.
  20. Suzuki
    Took the DRZ400 or a play on the essex trails today. Found it to be a little on the high side for me. How can you lower them? Come on Hudders you must have done this :p