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  1. New Project anyone.

    My son has found a guy here in Denmark with a few projects he inherited off a relative when he popped his clogs.:(:(:( This guy has no idea what he has or how much they may be worth but everything is for sale.:thumbup: He is currently searching for all the papers.:cool: Everything here is for...
  2. Mystery bolt help

    Africa Twin
    Hi again. At the bottom of the V on the right side of my XRV650's engine is a bolt, that will not tighten, what is it for? As usual, the bloody manual doesn't mention it...
  3. RD03 Carb hose routing

    Africa Twin
    Putting the carbs together and wondering if anyone has any detailed photos of the carbs. The fiche leaves a little mystery and photos were not taken a few years ago when the project was started...
  4. KTM 1290 Super Adventure

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Mystery Bike Revealed - KTM 1290 Super Adventure » ADV Pulse
  5. Where goes the end of this pipe ?

    It's that pipe question again. This time showing the view from the front/top of the TA XL650v engine, where the pipes come outta the carb bodies and join The Mystery. As there's a spring clip on the open end, I assume the pipe should be attached to something ... ?
  6. Mystery solved

  7. Malaysian Airlines MH370 - Theories?

    It seems to have garnered more news than what's going on in Crimea, I guess because it's a mystery. The worst case scenario does have to be considered, BUT, I'm of the opinion that there is still a glimmer of hope that everyone on that Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 could still be alive. What...
  8. Fuel pump works, but doesn't pump fuel?!

    Africa Twin
    Ok, another hour, another mystery. The original fuel pump on my RD03 works just fine when I connect it directly to the battery. It successfully pumps fuel right into the carbs just like it should. Nice! But when I plug it into the wiring harness, it does not work. What could keep the pump from...
  9. Mystery part.

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Can any one identify this part for me please, it came with my shiny new (to me) RD07a. Thanks.
  10. Rattling front brake

    Africa Twin
    I have registered this for a while. While slowing down or dragging the brake lightly eg coasting down the high street in traffic I can hear a rattle from the front brake. it goes when I apply the brakes properly and is only there when I am barely using the brake. I had a go just now, push the...
  11. RD07 in Hebden bridge 24/4/13

    Spotted an @ stopped at the traffic lights in Hebden bridge today, I shouted over to him to ask if he was on here and he said he was and he was called Euan McGregor(!) Who was that mystery man?
  12. Carbdero owners help please!!

    Well iv been rebuilding my Varadero 2000 model Need a little help... I have no idea what connects here and where the corresponding pipe goes This is a picture of the thermostat housing on the bike, with the mystery tube connection Can someone have a look at there's and let me know what...
  13. Parcel Mystery

    in the past couple of weeks I have had three parcels delivered that were in their original undamaged jiffy bags. They were correctly addressed but they seemed to take slightly longer to arrive than I expected. All three had been inside clear and red plastic bags with the words re direction and...
  14. The mystery of the useless indicators

    Now I'm an adherent to the SOTGWICBA rule (Some Of The Gear When I Can Be Arsd) so I cannot claim to be the most safety conscious rider. But I cannot, cannot, CANNOT understand why anyone would make their indicators less visible than they start out. Our vulnerability means that we have to...
  15. Mystery stator core

    Elo chaps, Im playing with my wiring on an 01 xr250r From this wiring diagram; I should have 5 wires coming from the stator, as follows; red and black - to CDI Pink Blue - these two go to the AC reg for lights etc Green Blue and yellow - these two go to the CDI Now, i have all of...
  16. Mystery Vara tool

    Just looking through my OE Honda tool kit, under the saddle yeaterday, and came across a mystery tool. It is a piece of bowden cable about 150mm long, with a rubber sheath and a loop at either end. Anyone know what it's for? My gusess its some sort of spring puller! Any ideas?
  17. Mystery oil burning

    Africa Twin
    Hi from cape town Sorry it has been so long since i have written any thing but we have been very out of contact (playig wiht cheetahs and leopards --NO JOKE!!). Any way i have a mystery on my hands. I am burning oil at a alarming rate. (1300ml in 200k!!!!). I have ripped the engine out and the...
  18. bit of a mystery !

    good morning folks.........just fired up bike to go out for a spin. let it warm up whilst getting ready. came out and spotted a few mystery spots under the belly pan. looked a bit closer and there is about 4-6 teaspoons worth of coolant in bottom of the belly pan ( nice green /yellow ). shut...
  19. Mystery TA in Tallinn: the plot thickens!

    Well, I went to see the bike and indeed pictures are deceiving. The bike is in pretty poor nick. The bloke selling was a very nice chap, so I fel;t a bit bad for him. Seems he's had it since spring and has probably done about 3-4000km on it. Asking prices was about €1500 My findings...
  20. Oil Burning Mystery

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello, I have an SLR650 and I am very happy with it apart from poor quality forks (pitted) and an annoying problem whereby oil seems to be getting burnt withing the engine, but is only emmited via the one of the silencers, not both. The bike has only done around 9500 miles and I would not have...