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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Scottish viewers will have nae bother wi this, sorry nae subtitles.;):D Andy.
  2. Ride Reports and Pictures
    And so it came to pass that “Steve - Billy No Mates” decided to take a ride into the hinter lands that surround Loch Tay and exercise his right to ride his bike when & where he wanted. Eldest son wanted to stretch the legs of his latest ride – a BMW 1150GS with 41lt TT tank fitted, so he came...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    guys am looking to get a hold of a bright bulb fur ma dommie,, can anyone recomend any,,, mines is Yellowish... nae good at nite......cheers, john
  4. Transalp
    Have just given my luggage setup (Trax panniers & Motech quicklock rack) their first strength test. Tried to squeeze between a wall & signpost (ok, yes, it was on the pavement but it's one of those places where you can park nae bother) as I have done plenty of times before when BANG! ...
  5. Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Mountie and I decided to try out his go faster stripes this afternoon with a little run up Strathdon side, then up onto the Lecht at the ski centre for a few photo's . . Highland hiils - you cannae beat 'em The ski lifts in the distance The LongWay Down - Highland style :thumbright...
  6. Everything Orange - KTM
    I know a secret ORANGE thing !!! but I can't say , careless talk can cost lives you know ? I couldn't possibly tell. Well OK then you twisted my arm !!! Scottoiler are, as you may know, a Glasgow based company and they have been asked by KTM to develop a special KTM range of oilers and YES...
  7. Everything Orange - KTM
    .............I cannae wait !!! and just over 3 weeks to go:blob3:. WOOO HOOO! 4 KTMs 'a cruizin :cool: .......that is going to sound sooooooooo sweet !!.
  8. Transalp
    Plan is to get Mrs Doggy (and mesel:thumbup: ) a Transalp but seat height could be a problem. She rides a CBF600 at the mo' and apart from a couple of zero mph whoopsies (and we're all a member of that club eh;)) bools along all over europe nae bother. After reading that excellent review by the...
  9. Other Bikes
    Tall and Skinny and Austrian and ................... BLACK !!!! It'll be mine in a 7 to 10 days and I cannae wait !!!!! Look out for loads of Transalp 650 goodies on here soon.
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Well well well , oor own , oor very own, Pussyhorse made it to page 11 of this weeks MCN. Fame indeed but still nae bike !!!! You'll be mobile soon Rob.:D :D we hope.
  11. Helmets
    Ok, anybody own/tried the Shoei Multitech ? You know, the flippy-up one. As Scotty said, ye cannae change the laws of physics, so I suspect that it's quite noisy at speed. Comments please........... TIA, Shorty
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Wee Jack is a big advocate of K.I.S.S. -(Keep It Simple Stupid). One of the reasons I opted for the Alp - simple technology for a simple wee guy. If the Alp blew a tailight bulb , Wee Jack would swing bye Halfords or the BP station on my way home, buy a new bulb, lift the seat, take oot the...
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Thanks to DaveS , I finally managed to get a photie on the Gallery and got my avatar nae mair fantasy knights and typing penguins for the wee man, tis now the real me , complete with baldie heed and shorter than your average arse. . All I need now is some more up to date...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Now I want to mark my 200th post with something nice and cheerie. Some smart arse will probably challenge the accuracy of this but ...... at about 20 past midnight - tonight, it happens !! OH YES !! the sun starts it's long and weary route back towards us . Yes guys and gals SUMMER is returning...
1-14 of 19 Results