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  1. Down sizing from AT

    Africa Twin
    I finally passed my driving test a few weeks ago and have bought a car, A pig ugly Fiat Doblo. So bike is no longer my only transport. A mate has been nagging me to buy a smaller dirt bike to use in The Brecon beacons. Which makes sense, summer commuting and having fun. My AT is tired...
  2. Has Anyone Successfully Repaired a CDI Unit?

    Dominator / FMX
    Lost my sparks at speed a few days ago. Changed the plug, no good. Went all over everything with my meter, following the fault finding tree in the manual. The coil tested out of spec for resistance on the primary windings, so I have a new coil on order...No other problems found in the wiring...
  3. Couple of vid's

    Here's one the HISS boys have been nagging me about since May. It's shocking ! :rolleyes: :thumbup: (1 min 40) - Shocking mountain Pt 1 - YouTube A bit of down hill - Cuttin' corners - YouTube And a quick cleaning tips vid ! - Africa Twin Cleaning bikes - YouTube Merry Christmas everyone...
  4. Stop nagging

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I had to go down the garden to put some rubbish in the bin and the Shed was open. Then the nagging started " You don't love me any more, you haven't taken me out for two months, I have not had a drink for three." So as the sun was shining I decided to take the bike out for some petrol, it did...
  5. Nagging Scottoiler problems

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm actually not a complete newbie on this one: I've had the bicycle Scottoiler on my mountain bike for years (and it works a treat!) but it's sufficiently different in design that comparison with its big motorbikey brothers doesn't really help. The Scottoiler on my AT doesn't work. It's the...