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  1. Graphics done, Its finished... I think?

    Africa Twin
    Just left The Image Works with a free run on the graphics and personally think they nailed it... Time to get it dirty
  2. Nailed Tyre

    How the hell did this get in there i had to use a claw hammer to get it out, it wouldn't budge with my hands. I only spotted it as i chatted to my mate in the garage the other night and the lucky thing is it didnt pierce the tube as the last time i went out on the xr i left all my tools and...
  3. Spain to Morocco - any advice ?

    Hi all, Just read Jackdaws post on Morocco as I am off in September to Marrakesh with a couple of mates. Very early stages of planning, anyone got any advice on this? Will probs need additional insurance for north Africa, but I have heard "if it's not nailed down, it will vanish" type stories...
  4. shortcuts...ish...

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    been looking for a while for some shortcuts home from the new office & also from the new base to head office so sunday, having nailed the children to the floor, I set off exploring a bit on me trusty ole tralp. found a great trail taking me around Chablis to the north, not any quicker than by...
  5. weekend ride to wales tomorrow!! route help please...

    Great Roads/Routes
    Hi Guys, I think a buddy and i have got the green light on a jaunt to wales tomorrow night. Not fussed on getting 1000 miles nailed but more of a see the best bits of the Brecons on some cool roads. Hes coming from dorset and they are letting me out of Ilfracombe so looking for a cheapt b+b or...
  6. Fork oil measuring tip (installing Intiminators)

    Africa Twin
    Hi lads, Thought I'd share a little idea I stumbled upon yesterday, when installing the Intiminators. Surely someone MUST have done this before and it's probably completely common knowledge, printed on some of the very first page of the big Change Fork Oil manual, but here goes anyway ... just...
  7. Let that be a lesson to you

    Always where shatterproof glases or have your visor down. Went to work this morning and somewhere along the A2 a massive bug(size of a bee or bigger) nailed me in the eye at 60-70mph.Managed to stop the bike at the side of the road but was in agony.I made it to work where the first aider had a...
  8. Sweet noises from the Past

    I was taken out this afternoon by the Missus and Sprog 2 and we went down to Ironbridge to have a cuppa and a bun, very nice it was too. I was quite surprised at quite how many bikes were gathered there by the 'bridge, mainly ridden by old dudes... like me, so a smattering of big tourers, the...
  9. the sun came out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    yesterday, so I nailed the kids to the floor so's they wouldn't get into mischeif & got the tralp out to go & run some errands. There's a big fuss on over here at the moment about the local authorities not being able to pay for the necessary renovations on their churches b& wanting to simply...
  10. XR 400 with edelbrock: fuelling issue.

    Went back to the UK last week. Got XR running. No problems most of the week, except a blocked float valve that I sorted out early on. Loaded the bike and rode from Hook of Holland to Rostock (N Germany) doing about 480 miles at about 50-55mph. The rest on ferries. Again, no problems apart...
  11. UK loses it's "We'll pinch anything" crown

    I know in the UK if it's not nailed down someone somewhere will steal it, but they've just been outdone!!! Kymmy
  12. I have fitted extra brake light

    I found that cars behind me noticed me late when I breaked up at junctions etc. So decided to fit an LED brakelight. Went to buy a standard car one (which fitted quite nice on the length), took it apart and used some silicone (better use CA glue) on it to waterproof it a bit, removed the...
  13. to the outlaws & back

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    So, one of the rare occasions for me to get out & about on the tralp other than just ride to work or a quick flip round the block… From Auxerre to Lohans, to visit wife & childers at the outlaws, 250(ish) k straight down the Nationale 6 from north to south. Stinking hot weather all week-end &...
  14. Really heavy rain

    No frogs but... Got nailed yesterday on the vara got caught in some freak rain got home and my clocks had collected a fair bit oh sand from some remote part of the world. Whole bike was covered with blotches of red sand. Shorts and sandcastles methinks :shock:
  15. One PMR radio and a 12V supply

    Mechanical Advice
    I know the subject of bike2bike intercoms has been done to death but I need definitive info before I part with my cash (please save the " mate had a radio once.." posts until the end). Has anyone used a battery eliminator in a PMR radio? Do they get stupidly hot? Will it die a death in the...
  16. RD03 with RD04 engine

    Africa Twin
    Hello, Remember an RD03 on Ebay last year during May. Well, I was the lucky winner of that auction - an RD03 with a 750 engine. It was living in Cardiff and I took the train from Derbyshire to pick it up. The 180 mile trip home through pouring rain, high winds over the severn bridge...
  17. Front cylinder misfire: any ideas?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. I set out this weekend to finally fit a high front mudguard, and (in the way villains speak on Scooby Do when they've been caught) 'it would have been alright if it wasn't for those pesky Africa Twins!' Actually, what happened was I ended up trying to track down and cure an...
  18. Well that was a bit naughty!

    Just done my usual ride to work, but today I rode it like an arse :D Don't know why, might have been cos it's the first time in a long time I've seen dry roads, but I absolutely nailed the old girl this morning :twisted: Took cars in the most inapropriate of places, rammed her into corners...
  19. Home made headlightprotector

    Africa Twin
    Tikka wrote: I made my own headlight protector. Installed foglights. kiroh wrote : I am interested in both - can you post more info on that? No problem. A other AT rider made 1 and i got his technical drawing I made somewhat different mountingbrackets but used the measurements he gave me. It...