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  1. The Tough One 2013

    Here's some of my photos from last weekend's hard enduro at Nantmawr Quarry. A good muddy day out!
  2. Tough One - January 12th 2013

    Competitions / Trials
    There's the annual extreme enduro at Nantmawr quarry this weekend, the Tough One. I'm heading along to watch Mr Jarvis and co. tackle the traditional challenges of the quarry, such as the Root Of All Evil. Look out for the XRV in the car park. Iain
  3. Scrubbing in My New Tyre

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Bought and fitted a Maxxis 6006 to my Ten' on Friday. So to give it a good Workout on Saturday PhilW, Xr mad (Fred), and Meself headed into Mid-Wales to do some of our Favourite Tarmac and Trails. a 9.30am meet at Builth Wells had me aiready soaked again with a Drowned Sat-Nav :mad: as i headed...
  4. Just The Two of Us

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Due to the lack of interest, only Tendays arrived at the Meet-point to Start the ride, probably just as well tbh as the Weather was once again SHOCKING :D, Anyhoo, i was running a little late, as twice i had to stop on the way to Rhayader due to not being able to see through the Heavy Rain :mad...
  5. Mid Wales Trail Ride sat 6th October

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Posting to gauge interest, Meet point either Builth Wells or Rhayader First Trail will either be Claerwen (easier, scenic) or Piano keys (little more technical, little less Scenic) Along Aber' mountain Road to Devils Bridge for Lunch Around Beautiful Nant y Moch (single track road) Then onto...
  6. Nant Y Arian (in the dry)

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    After the Dousing Phil and Meself got last time we did this Ride, we decided to try again in the Dry, though this time Phil was on his mighty Ten :cheers:. An 8.45am view from the top of the Black Mountain Onto 'Piano Keys' at Rhayader After a nice Lunch at Devils Bridge, it was then onto...
  7. A little trip south

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Sharrie, Mike and myself decided to ride to Portugal on a trio of mighty Beemers for Sharrie and my daughter to practice riding half ton beasties across the Portuguese hills and forests. We headed down to sunny Portsmouth in what was a start of a hot dry fortnight. Our crossing point is the old...
  8. Fueling Issue?

    Africa Twin
    I had to travel from Nantwich to Garstang last sunday as I was asked to judge a Young Farmers Competition. Great oppurtunity to take the new @t out for a try. Journey was around 80miles and M6 was the route, wanted to see how well she would travel at constant speeds. I hit the M6 at 7.30 am and...
  9. Damp Day Out

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Arrived in Builth Wells at 9.30am sharp to find a member of the public hassling PhilW to sell him his shiny Alp :D, after a brief chat, we headed for Elan Village, and the first of the Reservoirs built to supply Water to Yam Yam land From here we had a quick ride round Claerwen, followed by...
  10. Out Yesterday

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As my Riding Buddy PhilW was busy at work Yesterday, and there was a break in the Weather. I decided to have a saunter up to Mid-Wales and take in some Minor Lanes and Trails. Claerwen Fishing Lake North of Claerwen Then on up to Devils Bridge and onto Nant-Y-Moch, with a mixture of Tarmacced...
  11. Coastal Ride - North East Scotland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    “Wot you doin” “Nothin! Wot you doin” “Run out tomorrow?” “OK. Where & when? And so it came to pass that LWR and meself set out for a Spring Bimble along the northen coast of the North-East of Scotland! We met at a local superish store located in the middle of nowhere, cos it was sort of in...
  12. Day out in D&G.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    That's Dumfries and Galloway. Left the house this morning with no idea where to go but by the time I reached the town centre I decided to go southwest. Off down the A7 to Cannonbie then take the turn for Annan, 50 miles later I am there and ready for a bacon roll and a coffee at the Cafe Royal...
  13. Spain in a Day

    My trusty Transalp has just delivered me safely, and comfortably, to my Spanish home in Tarragona, an hour south of Barcelona. 1194 km (742 miles) in just over 12 hours. I took the ferry last night from Portsmouth to St Malo, the intention being to get a good nights sleep as the crossing is 11...
  14. Let Battle Commence

    Tonight 1945 hours Millennium Stadium Cardiff COME ON WALES
  15. North West mega ride-out

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Does anyone fancy joining me on a mega ride, oooh some time in May perhaps - to fill the gap between Galloway and Piel. I was thinking of something of a round 350miles taking in the Yorks dales, North Pennines, Kielder, South Scotland, East Lakes. I have a route in mind but start / finish is...
  16. Just Joined

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all just a quick hello and brief introduction. just purchased an AT 1995 RD07 and it is imaculate already have an R1200GS ADV this is my second R1200 ADV really like it however I must say that the AT is an absolute joy to ride, just in process of having the engine overhauled by the Honda...
  17. Christmas celebrations-who`s going where?

    Hi all, Well I`ll be in the West of France near to Royan in my Camper, usual christmas thing for me with bike in tow of coarse I know a good forest for some sandy tracks . Then New Year at Noirmoutier near to Nantes with the wild Atlantic to sober me up.... I`ve no Immediate Family to spend...
  18. Dumfries and Galloway bimble.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Today I thought I would nip up to Loch Ken in the Galloway forest park just to see how long it takes to get there so that I know on the day of the outing that Austin has planned when I will arrive. But like all good plans it went t*ts :rolleyes: up as I decided to have breakfast at the Cafe...
  19. Daughter's First Pillion Ride

    This is what riding a bike for the first time does to you! YouTube - This first ride out for Rhiannan's Needless to say I only Dad Dance!:thumbleft:
  20. Snowey Aberdeenshire to the road to the Islands

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well this is the view that greeted the wee Alp from its cosy winter hibernation… Saturday 3rd April 2010, This snow arrived over night last Wednesday.. Been a long winter in Aberdeenshire .. We have had snow lying since before Christmas.. The white Christmas novelty has really worn off…...