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  1. Africa Twin
    Just purchased a 1998 twin (always wanted to own one) and me fairing bolt heads are nasty and rusty. Would anyone out there know where i could find replacements?:p
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi guys! I have my AT set at roughly 700 RPM idle speed. Lower than that and it becomes a rough and jumpy ride. Higher than that and the bike becomes too eager, as well as some nasty clanking when selecting the first gear from neutral. So to me, 1200 RPM idle seems too fast, even though this is...
  3. Africa Twin
    Just cleaned the accumulated winter crappage off the @ and found this nasty on the rear wheel. Is this what I think it is? :rolleyes:
  4. Chatter
    Another podium for the boy. Lets get Scott Redding in there and give em a couple of Repsol Hondas? Shame about Bradleys finger. That looked nasty!
  5. Chatter
    A little video nasty! Motorbike Thieves | Where I captured the thieves on CCTV Please pass it on..........
  6. Chatter
    no nastiness for the next two weeks, don't go overboard with the posts ( it takes too long to catch up ). I'm orf to Canada 6.00 tomorrow morning to play with the bears.:rolleyes::rolleyes:. see you in two weeks
  7. Chatter
    Just like to share the fact that I have had the misfortune of standing on one of these v nasty sh ty things today down at our local beach! NOT TO BE RECOMMENDED IT beeeeeeep hurts!!!!!!!!!!!! Lived nearish to the sea all my life and never stood on one before! Apparently they bury into the sand...
  8. Other Bikes
    Hi folks. Well, I went along to the show on Saturday, a very nasty day weatherwise. Makes you wonder who came up with the idea to have a bike show in Scotland in March, usually a month with snow still going about and roads covered in salt. Ok, the outside events, if they were on, were pretty...
  9. XR
    Bought my '98 XR400 coupla weekends ago and was concerned about the kick starting aspect of it. Especially when struggled for 15 min in front of the guy teaching me how to start it and selling it to me!!!:rolleyes: Since his instructing and having a few practice goes, it's started up on 2nd or...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi all, ( First Post ! ) I have changed out the indicators on my AT for some cheepy ebay ones (£40), I'm not happy with them, they are bright at night, but in the day they are.... useless... they are very directional and not very good at all tbh. Just a bit "nasty". Anyone had any experience...
  11. Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Cheap way down Part 1 I had taken the dog out for a walk on boxing day and thought how great it would be to go for a ride with the roads being empty but I couldn’t even do that since I had sold my Africa Twin a month ago thinking that I wouldn’t be doing much riding over the winter and it...
  12. Transalp
    Hi new member, after 18 years of increasingly quick sportsbikes in an increasingly congested road system I sold my last fast bike, that had become more a toy than a mode of transport, in an attempt to get back to real motorcycling. I need a bike I can commute on (14 miles backroads or 14 miles...
  13. Chatter
    1.Three weeks ago the brake lever dropped off the Africa, went to pick it up and a truck ran over it. 2. Two weeks ago me and the Africa ended up in a ditch after skidding on ice. 3. last Friday the chain snapped and wrecked the side panel, chain guard, rear panel and etched some very nasty...
  14. Africa Twin
    Hi, my XRV 750 now in Spain has a nasty habit of dying momentarily - then bursting back into life. Not necessarily when blazing hot conditions. Is this fuel - or perish the thought electrics? Any answers please. Muchas gracias!
  15. Chatter
    Anyone ever been removed from a mortgage the bank is saying the income into the property is not enough for me to be removed its a joint mortgage. Parents took it out while I lived at home after a nasty accident and I ended up on it because I was a tenant. Anything anyone can add may help...
  16. XR
    does anybody out there know the best/ cheapest place to get an xr400 conrod. heard a nasty rattle last week carried on riding as know xr motor's are bullit proof. Then it stop got recovered home. stripped motor apart found small end of conrod has snapped, the piston slapped and split my liner in...
  17. Chatter
    Woke up this morning to find some dirty little fecker has nicked my @ and my girlfriends MZ RT125 from outside my house down in Brighton. It's a black XRV750 with tall screen,center stand, Jama crash bars on the front (don't know of anyone else thats put these on) with a power socket on the...
1-17 of 68 Results