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  1. 3D Printed choke valve guide for the RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hello and nice to meet you all! I have been experimenting with 3D printing for a while, and I have designed and printed those nasty choke adaptors that always break! I have printed them in a special type of ABS plastic durable to temperatures up to 140 celcius. Have them on the bike for 3 months...
  2. Valve Clearances and Cam Chain Tensioners

    After having a 2002 carb'd Vara, I bought one of the last Varaderos in 2014 (manufactured 2011) and now it has done 27,400 mainly on long trips around Europe. I was just wondering how long the CCTs are good for? I don't hear any nasty rattles or anything so I'm just wondering whether it's a good...
  3. Wanted: Looking for XRV750 RD07 wiring harness and blue/purple side covers

    For Sale / Wanted
    The 4 connector plug that plugs into the primary power fuse block on my RD07 melted on the bumpy roads in Ukraine. Still functions, but its pretty melted and nasty. Looking for that connector along with a few inches of wiring so I can replace or mine, or if you have an old complete wiring...
  4. Nasty surprise today. Front sprocket related

    Africa Twin
    I have a new chain and sprockets to be fitted on their way. Coming home from work last night I could hear the chain rubbing on something. I had a look and hells teeth. or rather no teeth. the teeth on the tab washer have worn off, just tiny little stubs and the sprocket seemed to be just...
  5. xr400 Sounds nasty

    On my way home today from a ride out got through my gates when the bike cut out , i kicked it over but it lacked compression , when it did fire up there was a loud rattling and the engine timing was out , i.e. missing, i'm guessing somethings knackered , any ideas ???
  6. Rear indicators, are the left and right interchangeable

    I know it must seem like an odd question, but the previous owner of my 1998 xl600v removed the original for some nasty LED crap, I simply want to know if the original is 'handed' or not as they appear on pictures to be symmetrical.
  7. Centre Stand Fit

    Africa Twin
    Bought a centre stand for my 04 the other day off Rugged Roads. I'm not 'twp' here (welsh for - thick, stupid etc) but after everything was in place the usual wrestle with the spring ensured only to find that when the stand was lowered there is no return action! Lower it three inches and it just...
  8. Triumph 800 steering head bearings grease em quick

    My friend Al bought a new 800 now with 4500 miles and has never so even looked at a dirt road and the head bearings have a nasty notch right in the middle. Keep a close eye on them. Probably over tightened and under greased at the start.
  9. Sick......... AGAIN

    Here I am on New Years day with a really tight mucusy chest, cough and aches all over. Ill to the core. However, this isn't the first time. In the two months before Christmas I was ill 3 times. I was ill for a week and it went away. A few days later I got ill again and that lasted 2 weeks...
  10. What tools do you use?

    Dominator / FMX
    I want to buy my teenage son a tool kit for christmas. I have already got him a Bahco 30 piece socket set and I was wondering what spanners to buy him. I dont want to buy cheap nasty chinese rubbish and would appreciate a few suggestions from the experts on this site as to what makes to go for...
  11. Tough Mudder

    Reyt chaps, my wife has been training for the past 6 months to do an event called Tough Mudder. Its a 12 mile run over tough terrain which includes 20 obstacles such as ice baths, electro shock, and basically a lot of other nasty crap that no one in their right mind would want to pay for (and...
  12. Not a rebuild this time, but time for a spruce up.

    Africa Twin
    Not posted much on here guys but I know how you lot like a nice rebuild thread. unfortunately this is just a spruce up, albeit with new wheels. MOT has expired and according to my MOT man, there's no way the back wheel will pass. Too corroded. Ah well. It'll have to wait a month or so as we've...
  13. Me fairing bolts

    Africa Twin
    Just purchased a 1998 twin (always wanted to own one) and me fairing bolt heads are nasty and rusty. Would anyone out there know where i could find replacements?:p
  14. What's your idle speed?

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys! I have my AT set at roughly 700 RPM idle speed. Lower than that and it becomes a rough and jumpy ride. Higher than that and the bike becomes too eager, as well as some nasty clanking when selecting the first gear from neutral. So to me, 1200 RPM idle seems too fast, even though this is...
  15. Oh bugger.

    Africa Twin
    Just cleaned the accumulated winter crappage off the @ and found this nasty on the rear wheel. Is this what I think it is? :rolleyes:
  16. TA 650 rear brake piston seals now done

    So this weekend was nasty out so I cleaned up the front brakes / piston seals and popped in a new set of pads . Today , it was time to tackle the rear .. Caliper off , piston blown out .. the inside of the piston was in good condition as were the seals . not much cleaning then , (not...
  17. Help Me Choose!

    Hi all, well I'm looking to downsize the Twin (see Tatty up for grabs in the for sale section) I'm not wanting to change again (no really I'm not) so this next bike needs to last me, but which one? I'm after a simple robust 600- 650 single that can do a good few miles with decent economy and...
  18. Tyre woes

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I know this has all been discussed before, at great length & that there are no definitive answers but; I've been using anakees on my tralp for the last 300 odd years... ok I exaggerate but for as long as I can remember anyway...I now need to replace both hoops but can't get anakees (nobody...
  19. Motogp Well done Cal!

    Another podium for the boy. Lets get Scott Redding in there and give em a couple of Repsol Hondas? Shame about Bradleys finger. That looked nasty!
  20. Sick room

    A lot of us on here are people 'of a certain age' and have or will have ailments. I have certainly benefitted from other members kind words and thoughts in the past when I've had problems so why not post here if you'd like to talk about your aching limbs etc. I see on another thread that J has...