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  1. I had a visitor today

    Young Aemon of this parish called in to see me on Skye today. I was out in our compound trying to clear my head, heard the throb of an @ heading up the hill. The rider slowed down so i went over to have a natter " It's me Aemon !! " was the cry from within the helmet :D Took him in for a coffe...
  2. from Turkey to Nat meet 2010

    Past National Meets
    Hi Everybody, I will be in London between 4th-11th September and I want to come meeting for the day. Can anyone help me about how can I get there? (my bike will be here so I need alternative ways bus,train etc.) London-Rosedale .... km ? Also I need google maps link of the meeting. Do I need...
  3. Nat meet Rosedale Favour to ask...........

    Past National Meets
    I cocked up my leave :rolleyes: i should have booked Thursday & Friday, but only booked Friday :angry7: and don,t have any leave left. As Vader is going up on Thursday i will have to follow Friday morning in the car, our daughter Jamie-Lee would like to come along. So my favour to ask is would...
  4. Nat Meet 2010 - Sept 9th to 12th Rosedale, Yorkshire.

    Past National Meets
    yes i know its a bit early, please dont throw things at me :rolleyes: but i really do need at least six months to sort out my leave and it seems to take at least six months to plan the meet (no way a judgement, just an observation, i know what its like trying to keep everyone happy!) couldnt...
  5. Mobile phone sat nat - any good?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi lads and lasses, im off to tour ireland this autumn, i've heard the road signs are poor to say the least (some please prove me wrong) so i've thought of getting a sat nav for the trip - THEY COST LOADS :confused: My current mobile phone contract is almost up for renewal and i seen that the...
  6. Poll Now On In Nat Meet Forum !!!!!

    go Vote Or Forever Hold Your Peace !!! :D:D:D:D

    please go to the link and give me your input :thumb: many thanks chad :D
  8. good showing so far for nat meet !!

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    but if you are thinking of going please put yourself in the calender so i can gauge the numbers :D many thanks. chad :D
  9. Wake up and vote for the Nat. meet or....

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Chad on his marmite is coming around to see you and than....... :lol: :lol: :lol: