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  1. A half decent horn

    Afternoon All, I know this is a well discussed subject at times but I'm starting a light rebuild on my 'alp and need a horn (as the current unit squeaks) I know the stebel nautilus has been a go to for years but has anyone any other recommendations? Also where to buy a stebel nautilus now...
  2. Hootaz, Nautilus or Magnum?

    Mechanical Advice
    I recently posted my positive experiences pf the Stebel Magnum as an alternative to the bulkier Nautilus, with almost no compromise in volume. Conincidentally, my TA horn is patheticness made real and really needs to be ditched. The problem for me is acquisition. There are not the plethora of...
  3. Fitting a Stebel Nautilus Compact Air Horn to XL700VA

    I found this air horn on ebay for £22.40 delivered. Ordered it at 12.30 yesterday and it was at my door at 09.30 this morning! Removed both side covers and the front guard, nowhere to fit it, replaced all guards/covers. Made a up a test rig and WOW it ain't half loud mum! People at end of street...
  4. Stebel nautilus horn on an XL700?

    Has anyone found a good place to mount a Stebel nautilus horn on an XL700? I'd love to get one but have no idea where I'd mount it... Guess as and when I get some engine bars I might be able to mount one on them... Thoughts?
  5. Fitting a stebel nautilus

    Africa Twin
    Spent last Friday fitting the Stebel nautilus on to the Africa twin, The trouble is where to put it without it getting in the way. The only place i found which was out of harms way was down on the offside cockpit frame (near the headlight relays.) it is close fit, but it fits really well and...
  6. stebel nautilus compact airhorn

    :confused:just fitted this to the vara, using the original horn frame bolt and a 3" arm to the horn body. the trouble is the airhorn is a bit heavy and wobbles about a bit, does anyone know of a better place to mount the horn on the varadero, before i go to the trouble of making a sturdier...
  7. Stebel Nautilus Compact OMG my ears are bleeding!!!!!!

    Mechanical Advice
    I have just fitted a Stebel Nautilus compact air horn to my AT It is abso fookin lutely awsome:D :D It is seriously loud at 139dB and its enough to make a juggernaut driver think twice. The first ride out I got to use it in earnest. I was stopped at Traffic lights about 5 cars back from...