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  1. For Sale: SW Motech Sidecarrier. XRV 750 Brand new

    For Sale / Wanted
    Got the above for sale. Brand new. Details below from SW Motech website. As you can see expensive stuff Looking for £175 ONO. Can post at cost
  2. Wanted: Looking for 1998 RD07a white cowl and side panels

    For Sale / Wanted
    Must be in very good condition. Will pay accordingly.
  3. tools for free camping

    This seems to be a nice tool to find campsites for free. At least in North America there are plenty of them listed. For the rest of the world it´s terra incognita more or less. Check out this one, too: You have to flag "informal campsites"...
  4. Speedo sensor

    Got a XL1000va-5 'Dero and the speedo sensor has died, found a replacement off the 'net but struggling to remove the left hand bolt from the old one. Is there an easy way to do it?
  5. 2016 national meeting - is there anything planned

    National Meets
    Hi, I was wondering if there are any plans for a national meeting? My TA wants to meet up :) Paul
  6. AfricaTwin club on a rock concert for Rory Gallagher

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Saturday night we had the pleasure to watch a live concert for Rory Gallagher from the band of friends. Great rock music along with great performance
  7. Carb needle5TA-14916-VT-00

    Dominator / FMX
    I have been scouring the net to find a carb needle and jets to set up a Keihin FCR 41 carb I found on ebay. Allens dont have the needle and the only places I could find one is in the states which will take forever to get here. I found one in Holland but they want €40 for it. :mad::mad::mad: Any...
  8. Where to get 70 main jet for SLR

    Dominator / FMX
    Have looked on the net & cant seem to find a 70, Wemoto have 78, Manhattan have 72. Anybody got a part number & supplier??
  9. Music survey.

    I was having a mooch on the net to find some music I hadnt heard for ages and it took me back to when I was younger. What music takes you back a bit and still sounds as good as it ever did. :thumbup: Heres my suggestion.
  10. RD04 - Benneton colours on A465 Abergavenny

    Was it you I was shouting at while we were waiting in the roadworks? I was on my Suzuki DR650 :toothy10:
  11. Done it again......Tuscany and back

    made the trip again with our trike friend Barry. One of the best find was a hostel in Menaggio (COMO), western side of lake Como, there is only one in the village so you can't miss it (Lake Como|Menaggio Youth Hostel "La Primula") , very biker friendly and 45 Euros will get you an en-suite room...
  12. Rider's safety training with pillion passenger

    I decided that this year I should do once again some sort of rider's safety training to refresh knowledge and skills. Searching the net I came across a course aimed at people that often ride with pillion passenger. Has anyone in this forum ever completed such a course and can comment on results...
  13. For Sale: Transalp 600 centre stand and crash guards BRAND NEW

    For Sale / Wanted
    I was buying a Transalp which unfortunately fell through right at last minute. Bought these at same time so they are brand new and unused Wimoto centre stand cost £94 Givi engine crash bars cost £71 Both off transalp 600 89-99 Looking for £100 the pair, pref pick up from Yorkshire but send me...
  14. website

    Found this website whilst trawling the net at work- It's American, but there is a load of interesting stuff on it. They even stock a few bits for the Dero, including screens of various sizes.
  15. RD03 marathon 4 sale(not me!)

    Africa Twin
    Searching the net as you do over the xmas bloatiness and came across this. Owner claims it was entered in the race. Restored, all original. Is it worth that much? Not that i am considering it. Father christmas hasnt been that generous.
  16. plug spanner

    where can I purchase a plug spanner for transalp 650 2001 model please:confused:
  17. This sunday 14th sept, Haynes museum nearl Yeovil

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I should be there with my RD400
  18. Scramblers or Street Tracker.

    There is a lot of inspiration on the net if one opt to go the Scrambler route.
  19. size of main jet removel spanner

    I've ordered some alternative main jets for altitude. In the XR400 Haynes manual it says the main jet can be removed via the drain plug on the float bowl. Honda don't supply whatever type spanner is used for this, does anybody know what size and type of spanner fits?