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  1. Wheel building.

    Autumn greetings from Viking land. I am thinking about having a go at wheel building and know absolutely nothing about what I am letting myself in for. I will be needing something else to do now that my engine re-build is nearing completion. My project has got a 16x5 inch rear wheel that I am...
  2. Rat Bike/Tracker project nearing completion

    Well we have gone from this to this then... and to and.. Frame, yoke, swingarm and wheels all powdercoated. Engine sprayed matt black. Tank stripped and clear lacquered. I know it wont be to everyone's taste on here, but I am pretty happy with it so far. There are a few...
  3. TA 650 problem at "high" speeds

    Hello all. I have a TA 650 2002. I've had the bike for about 4 months and used it every day to work and back and also went on a few rides on twisty mountain roads. Haven't had a single problem until yesterday. I went on a freeway and traveled for about an hour with speed going from 130 to 150...
  4. Which road tyres for XL700?

    The Anakee 2s on my XL700 are nearing the end of their life. I've been pleased with them but, having tried the Alp offroad a couple of times I'm reconciled to not doing it any more (too heavy for my skills). As I now have no need for a dual purpose tyre, what are the best road tyres I could use?
  5. Starter solenoid wiring melted and no spark

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys! So my rebuild is nearing completion, the red connector had on top of the starter solenoid had melted and came apart when I tried to remove it along with the fuse etc so I replaced the complete relay/solenoid. Would love confirmation of which way around the wires go if anyone has a...
  6. Sold: 1990 Honda XL600V Transalp £450 1 month MOT 6 months tax (Sheffield)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Right, The tranny is "much loved", well ridden and all the rest. Has served me well over winter but as summer is nearing I am reminded that this bike was meant to be for my other half to go touring on. The MOT runs out on the 3rd of April and it will need work to get through which I just don't...
  7. Bike clutch and stalling problems

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I have 2 problems with the bike,one of which is the clutch,I have adjusted it to max and even so when I put the bike in 1st and I hold the clutch in completely it does not come out of gear all the way,could it be because I am using SAE40 oil?? The second problem I have is that sometimes...
  8. What was in Santa's sack for you ?

    Thought I'd start this one early ! I've no idea yet as Santa hasn't been yet but he's on his way, look at Google Maps He's nearing Fiji at the moment "Hurrah !"
  9. So what's my problem?

    For a long while now I've suspected that my battery was nearing the end of its life. It struggles to turn the bike over and starting is no longer the certainty it once was. (First press on the button) A niggling factor in all this is that sometimes it's very difficult to start when hot: after...
  10. Advice needed in Mongolia: Transalp output shaft/ sprocket/ retainer problem, Urgent

    Hi guys I'm nearing the end of my 7 week trip through Central Asia, Altai-Russia and Mongolia. I have a problem, I think, and would be really grateful for suggestions/ comments/ possible solutions. It is also urgent as I fly home to England next weekend (today Sat 25th Aug, flight Sat 1st...
  11. Suggested tires for FMX650

    Dominator / FMX
    Greetings everyone. As per the title, i've been thinking of replacing my tires for a while now. Since it's summer the grip is good enough, plus i don't ride very fast or aggressively anyway. However, now that i got used to the bike, when i test my brakes on an empty piece of road and try to push...
  12. tl125 colour

    Other Honda
    i have a 76 tl nearing completion which should be sprayed silver with orange flash. i prefer the earlier silver and blue, so does anyone have a suggestion for the closest match for the blue? i use an audi silver. thanks.
  13. Alaska to Argentina

    Hello, A friend and I are planning what feels like a big trip and require some advice. Here is our situation.... In April of 2012, we plan to leave london and fly to Alaska. The aim is to ride all the way down to the most southern point of Argentina and we have around 8 months to do this. We...
  14. Lulu's (faltering) progress

    Well folks, as my CBT and theory test are nearing expiry I have foolishly gone ahead and booked Mods 1 and 2 (but not telling you when ;) ). It's now looking serious :eek:. Sadly, the anticipated practice time that I'd been looking forward to this summer hasn't materialised, for reasons too...
  15. Hello again - this time from Cork

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello I seem to have landed back here again after an absence. It's good to see some familiar names about. Just couldn't keep away really I mean parts of previous bikes are still in circulation with members of this site. I am still on my Varadero but having moved from London to Cork it now...
  16. HELP! 78 xl250s wheels offset

    hi all. im nearing completion of my 250s full restoration. one problem. i neglected to check if there was an offset on the front and rear wheel before dismanteling:(.the guy rebuilding them has asked what it is. there might actually be none. so does anyone know? it can be checked by putting a...
  17. Sold: Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere-NOW SOLD

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    For sale is my Yamaha XTZ 660 Currently on a SORN and I have only done 56 miles on her during the last two years, and with my XRV project bike nearing completion she has to go! The bike is a 94 (i think) on an M plate, and finished in non standard white with blue decals. She has been garaged...
  18. What tyres for winter commute?

    Guys, Need a bit of help here. The knobblys on my xlr are nearing the end of their life. I'm basically using the bike for commuting this winter; bit of off road here and there. But mostly riding on A and B roads in the wet (Scotland). What do you recommend?
  19. Great travel story

    If you fancy a good read, check out a friend's blog at Simon's travelling overland to Dehli on a Transalp 650 and has had a few adventures on the way to say the least. He's currently in Amritsar and nearing the end of the journey. If you feel so moved, you...
  20. HIP HIP Horray

    Just got the Transalp through the MOT.:thumbup: Advisory on rear pads nearing limit, I know about them and have a set waiting. Front Discs on limit and need changing.:( More Expense.