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  1. Shasta White Varadero - tank decal issue?

    Hi guys.... The offside white decal on my Varadero tank is "yellowing" so is now a different colour than the nearside one. Has anyone else had this issue and if so how was it rectified please?
  2. RD07A won't start :-( strange noise from nearside panel?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi folks, could do with some ideas on this... After a few weeks of ice, I was planning to back on the AT this week. Battery flat (ran flat when not moved for three weeks in December as well). Charge battery and after 24-hours, battery is lively but still charging. 12+ volts showing on the...
  3. Sold: Transalp XL600VN '91 for sale: project for someone?

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I stopped using my Transalp daily in my old job when they moved my office from Harrow to central London. With a new job and a shorter commute I'm still not using it. It's daft to just have it sitting there not being used, but sadly the new job mans I have no time to fettle it. I've just checked...
  4. The Tatty Transalp sell or break or what?

    Evening all. Not been on for a while. Domestic duties, and a new very full on job has kept me away, but it's nice to be back. I stopped using my Transalp daily in my old job when they moved my office from Harrow to central London. With a new job and a shorter commute I'm still not using it...
  5. Sold: Yamaha 1992 XTZ750 Super Tenere £1750

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Yamaha 1992 XTZ750 Super Tenere £1750 SOLD A 1992 Super Tenere XTZ750 imported into the UK in 2003 now with ~28000 miles (45548 km) on the odometer. Runs well had a major service at main Yamaha dealer about 900 miles ago (£580!) The bike has a stainless Motard exhaust system fitted...
  6. Sold: Honda 1988 XRV650 Africa Twin RD03

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Honda 1988 XRV650 Africa Twin RD03 £1400 SOLD I have decided to sale my 1988 Honda XRV650 (RD03) Africa Twin The bike is fairly standard, (engine and frame numbers correspond RD0350040xx) believed originally Austrian and first registered in UK 2005 (28800miles/480000 Km). The bike has now...
  7. Evolution of a Rally Bike. Almost.

    :blob7: Hello and best wishes to all (really) big off-road bike fans. With your permission I'd like to use this thread to detail the slow and potentially painful process of managing to make a (half) decent off roader of the mighty Varadero, and how it, and I, fare on this journey of discovery...
  8. RD04 (L) and SW Motech crash bars

    Africa Twin
    Help !! I'm trying to fit these and the bottom square U Bolt won't go where it should be because there's bits of bike in the way !! Has anyone got a cunning plan (Baldrick - where are you?) It needs to sit above the bottom engine mount. I have managed to get it in the right place (above the...
  9. Time to play with the (very) big boys...

    Good evening Varaderoites, Deroies, Varaphiles or what ever "we" call ourselves! I think this is the first time I've posted in this forum, and I'll probably ask a load of stuff that's already in here, but I can't find. Sorry in advance. I'm the newly proud owner of this big beasty, an old...
  10. Am I missing something??????????????

    I drive a LWB Fiat Ducato and everyday this week I've had to make a tight righthand turn off the main carrageway into a small back lane (about half inch each side of the mirrors), To make the turn I have to go tight to the nearside kerb to allow for the lock on the van, So I've been slowing...
  11. For Sale: Honda 1995 Transalp ‘Going Naked’ project- going

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Honda 1995 Transalp ‘Going Naked’ project- going As I have just brought a 1988 XRV650 RD03 Africa Twin that requires some work so I have decided to sell the ‘Going Naked’ project, I do not have enough space for all my bikes and projects! The aim was to make it like the finished artist...
  12. Odd rattle, comes and goes.

    Africa Twin
    As it said in the title, "Odd rattle, comes and goes". It stays at the same fairly loud noise level and speed, revving the engine or pulling the clutch in, or any other combination of things does nothing. This happens occasionaly and usualy when she gets hot. It is loudest on the front...
  13. Pannier Racks..which one?

    Africa Twin
    I have decided to take the plunge and order some Aly box's for an upcoming trip to Scotland and the Islands..but which pannier rack is the best?..I have discounted the Givi due to the smaller tube diameter..which leaves Touratech (expensive), Holan , Hepco Becker or ???? I have heard the Hepco...
  14. Sold: RD04 RED/WHITE/BLUE petrol tank FOR SALE

    For Sale / Wanted
    As it says:- RD04 Classic R/W/B petrol tank ( no taps/ no cap) For Sale Has a minor 'dink' in the front nearside lower (red) area an easy repair by either filler and or push it out via the sensor holes which just happen to be convientiently right behind the dink you could get away with a...
  15. For Sale: Honda 1995 Transalp project/spares/repair

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I have only recently brought this as a basis for a trail Transalp, but then I brought an Africa Twin last week, so I am going to modify my existing on-the-road 98 TA instead-already started. This TA is fairly complete, the engine is loose in the frame, it wheels around, has V5 and key...
  16. Black Panels RD07a

    Africa Twin
    Could anyone point me in the right direction for a few panels to fit an RD07a (Y) Black Africa Twin 1.Nose cone 2.Nearside front panel that joins the tank to the nose cone 3.decal makers- people who have already got & cut out grapics for Africa Twins. I'm currently sporting a broken arm &...
  17. Fuel tank leak

    Africa Twin
    Last year I bought a new tank off Fleabay because my existing one had developed a leak. Nothing too serious - there was just some seepage from the region of the upper nearside fairing mount, and I assumed it had something to do with the dent some kind 'people' had caused when they knocked...
  18. Wanted: Africa twin mirror

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wanted: Africa twin L/H (nearside) mirror
  19. Stainless Brake Lines

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone recommend brake lines for my RD 07Y Africa Twin? I'm a bit disappointed in the Goodridge ones that I purchased. I don't like the lack of "management" of the nearside front line.
  20. For Sale: Brand New Front Caliper RD07 / RD07a

    For Sale / Wanted