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  1. Scare in the Shed

    I was a silly boy this morning, whilst fitting a Scottoiler to my TA650, I had the nearside sidepanel off and to make life easier, disconnected the seat release cable, no problem, job done Scottoiler fitted, who forgot to re-connect the seat release cable before relacing the sidepanel?:blob5...
  2. no electrics - dead - help please!!

    Africa Twin
    Evening all, Ive been having an intermittent electrical for a couple of months now on my rd07a - nothing happens when i turn the ign on. i managed to get it working somehow and covered 200 miles with it working fine, then yesterday i went to start her and nothing happened. after a bit of...
  3. Snow Chains in the UK

    Thought I'd just make a recommendation about what is worth carrying in these conditions if you drive (on 4 wheels) around the country for a living. I won't state the obvious, shovel etc, but one thing that most people disregard is a set of chains. they are great for a quick fix!:thumbright...
  4. tool storage tube

    Bodgers Corner
    hi all, came across this on the adventure site and wondered if any one has anything similar in the "uk" or done a bodge? Totally Tubular Tool Tube - just the job for tools bolted to the nearside pannier rack and free`s up the space under the seat for the tyre...
  5. Setting pilot screws

    Africa Twin
    Tried to set the pilot screws today as described in the Haynes, balanced the carbs first (According to the gauge, tickover still not great from cold but not too bad when warm). Also really doesn't like to start from cold, really lumpy. Chokes are blanked off. Loosened the left/Nearside pilot...
  6. Sheared engine mount bracket nut/bolt

    Africa Twin
    I have mullered the thread on the nit and bolt that attaches the engine mount bracket to the frame (On the front left/nearside, near the top of the engine.) It just turns and turns but the bolt never comes out. Have tried dremeling a cross in the head and hammering it but that didn't work...
  7. Wanted: WANTED. AT.RD07A FNS ( left) cheek panel plus more

    For Sale / Wanted
    As it says NO LONGER WANTED List ammended 25/8/09 PLEASE CLOSE THREAD (1) Front nearside ( left) upper cheek panel, any colour will do as Im going to repaint it WHITE, so white would be nice. SORTED 13/8/09 I had the one in the picture PLASTIC WELDED (2) Bagalux tank cover ( white to match...
  8. Fitting Goodridge hoses

    Africa Twin
    Well they are on and the fronts are filled and bled, these were from wezmoto on eBay. Have to say I was not impressed with the alternative to the rigid Honda section that goes across the forks, I had to bend the original offside hose mounting bracket in a vice so the new Goodridge T piece could...
  9. Wanted: Transalp Handguard

    For Sale / Wanted
    Folks I have an 03 Transalp. It had standard original Honda handguards but the nearside one was missing when I bought the bike. I'm happy to pay if any of you happen to have one idling in your garage/bottom drawer etc. as long as it's in good condition. Many thanks Chris
  10. ARDCases alu panniers

    Africa Twin
    Having looked at the options and deciding against Alpos panniers again (and fainting at the price of Zegas :D), I followed a link on the UKGSer forum to ARDCase panniers. These are made by a guy called Roger Munsey in Cambridgeshire, out of 2mm aluminium on the outward faces, 2.5mm aluminium on...
  11. RD04 for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    OK, the time has come for me to sell my RD04 as the calling from the Orange side is now too strong to resist :rolleyes: I will be made redundant at the end of the year and this will probably be my last chance to fork-out the kind of wedge I'll need for a KTM so the Africa twin must go to give...
  12. front tyre blow-out

    OK peeps,looks like I joined the Whealie club yesterday; Was travelling to work ,outside lane at 80mph thinking 'Jees it must be windy cause the front is startin to wobble a bit'. It took about 3 seconds to realise that it wasn't the wind but the front tyre had gone from a nice round shape to a...
  13. My @ Is Dead!

    Africa Twin
    7AM today lying in bed when the phone rings. It's my mate, the one who'se bike died with a fried regulator/battery on Monday on the road to Skye. I'd lent him my @ until his bike is fixed. "Your bike's gone on fire mate" "you're kidding me" "no, you're bike's gone on fire" So off I go...
  14. wheel bearings

    Africa Twin
    Just replaced my rear wheel bearings all of em (3) last time I did em I did not replace the seals doh nearside bearing wore out quickly this time lesson ere is Change the seals aswell. Still all sorted now:thumbup:
  15. XR250: Questions

    I have recently bought a 2002 XR250 with electric start and have a few questions: 1) Do you know where I can get a plastic tank, new or used? 2) Being a Jap model it has the front indicator lights always on (not flashing), what is the easiest way to make them work as a conventional...
  16. Transalp mirrors on an Africa Twin?

    Africa Twin
    I need a new nearside mirror for my RD07a. Wemoto list pattern mirrors for the AT at £27 for a pair. Transalp and Dominator mirrors lack one of the angles in the stem that the AT has, but should still offer a good rear view. Also, I prefer the design on those to the AT design. Wemoto list...
  17. Hit & Run (Wednesday 26-09-07)

    Got knocked off my @ on wednesday 08:50 hrs by a 10 ton lorry, Driver did'nt stop, but a young lad noted the registration of the lorry & gave it to the Ambulance man who then passed it on to the police before putting me in the ambulance (the lad did not hang around to give his name & address...
  18. Elefant danglies

    Other Bikes
    Hi, More than a few mentions have been made regarding the Cagiva Elefant by myself and others. Opinion has it that they are nice bikes but spares are just so difficult to find. My mate who owns the elefant I borrowed has to replace the nearside front fork leg as the chrome has just pitted to the...
  19. IAM Advice

    Me, Billy (from this forum) and a mate from work Tony have taken the plunge and attended our first IAM meeting on Wednesday night in Bristol. Scary stuff all this advanced riding. I could swear on the night we were told that the default position on the road is to the offside of the centre as...
  20. Hi from a newbie

    Dear All, Thanks for all the tips and advice which resulted in my buying a brand new TA in April '07! Unhappily, after collecting the bike from Dobles in Surrey (its 1st service) last week, I was on the M23 slip road joining the M25 (JCT 7) and hit some hydraulic oil that had leeked from a...