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  1. Wind buffeting

    Hi All, so I just fitted a Givi top deflector, all good so far. Went for a spin and certainly it works very well, but I found I was getting wind in the chin/neck area, particularly on right hand side mainly Out with throttle hand , and it seems to be coming in from the hand guard / brake fluid...
  2. Dominator or xtr 660

    Dominator / FMX
    Well lads that time again where I'm thinking of my next bike, I'm leaning towards another Dominator but they seem to be slim on the ground in this neck of woods (ROI), I am wondering if anyone here has had both and would you recommend one over the other? Thanks in advance:thumbright:
  3. Wanted: Used front RD03 brakeline

    For Sale / Wanted
    All I need from the brakeline is the top steel block. Could come from another bike if the upper block is the same. Would buy several if available. Also need ASAP the plastic inlet for the rear MC. Mine is broken at the neck. Part # 43503-MS8-006 and available on most Transalp...
  4. Airbag Vest

    Been watching the development of this kit over the years and formed a viw that they may be worth while. At the NEC show there were some on display so I was able to try one for size. Good un obtrusive fit when un inflated, lots of thoughtfull detail in the design. The one that stood out above the...
  5. Open face helmet anyone?

    I know most of the arguments against the open face helmets but am seriously considering getting one. I've had the Transalp for just over a week now and after covering a few hundred miles am loving it. The only real problem that I have encountered is a bit of a muzzy head after going over about...
  6. Guy Martin, yah bugga

    Guy Martin. On the surface, slightly insane! Speed with Guy Martin - Channel 4 But checking out his kitchen, I notice a rather rare and exotic Bimota V-Due sitting in the corner, and something perhaps even more special or secret, sitting under a tarpaulin?!! The bloke needs a "check up from...
  7. Exciting news from Burma

    Spitfires... are they there or not? This fella has poured an awful lot of his own money into this project, so you'd like to think that they are. IF, they are; I wonder how many, and how restorable they are? This is a country with monsoons and high humidity, so would they have rotted away...
  8. Well goodbye Patrick

    I used to like old Patrick for his wacky looks, thick accent , waistband up at his neck -and the monocle.:D He's been around so long he was like part of the furniture, spying through his garden telescope and generally being an eccentric which is good -we need more of them around. But. Then I...
  9. Goodbye

    That's the Varadero gone, after a car pulling out in front of me and sending me down the road on my head breaking my neck and damaging nerves in my back it time to hang up the leathers. The bike has been scrapped and the wife says enough is enough, even after 4 months I still can't drive the...
  10. brilliant

    Dominator / FMX
    got my dominatrix a few weeks ago and i have been tidying her up and today was the first real day i have been out.she is great on the A roads and handles pretty well.i love the fact that i can turn a corner,still be in 3rd,ring it's neck and away she goes.really pleased.just gotta find a few...
  11. best on/off road tyres

    Dominator / FMX
    i want to do lots of greenlaning but obviously have to do the roads on the bike to get to the lanes.what tyres could everyone recomend and what do you use.i like pootleing to the shops to pick up milk but like it on the back wheel when out with others and when on the greenlanes i want grip and...
  12. Bad neck, neck roll, lightweight helmet

    Recent rideouts with wife or one of 2 sons has raised isues with the Caberg Trip/Rhino (XS) that they currently share. All complain of neck pain from wearing helmet and wind buffet. Has anyone with similar problems any experience of using neck rolls, eg Six Six One or 661 Neck Roll Protection-...
  13. A quick blast round my neck of the woods!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Believe it or not, the sun shone on the lake district today! As this is a once monthly occurance, I thought I'd go for a quick spin. It's not good for bikes to stand still for too long you know... From Waterhead I went down the Langdale valley, which unfortunately has three sections of...
  14. Leatt Neck Brace

    Product Reviews
    My Adventure Leatt brace arrived today. My wife took some piccies tonight to give you an idea of the positioning. Apologies for the ugly model but that's the best I coudl do :D First let me say that the restriction you expect from this brace is not at all as such. There is NO and I repeat NO...
  15. neck problem

    Hi guys need some help since buying the XR I have had a constant neck problem. Has any body else had the same problem and where can I buy a neck brace for off roading thats not going to cost the world?:confused: and no I 'am not selling the bike!
  16. Neck Braces

    Mechanical Advice
    I've seen the BMW and KTM full on neck braces, but I've also seen the cheaper presumably foam based neck braces available now. I think Mudwiz you had one didn't you? So what are they like, does it restrict movement? Keep you warm? Too warm? How well do they wash? I have a neck problem and I...