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  1. Found: WANT ONE!!! Nee.... NEED ONE!

    For Sale / Wanted
  2. How big a van do I need

    I may need to move my XR400 and as I don't have a van (nor a car for that matter) I was looking to hire one. Question is what size of van do I need. I know it will fit in a transit but what about something smaller? Will it fit in one of these car sized vans but with the higher back. No mirrors...
  3. standard tailpipe 1998

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone got a good condition rear pipe they dont need
  4. RD04: LED Indicator hell... stormforce, help me!

    Africa Twin
    Hey, I recently installed 4 shiny LED indicators on my RD04. I also added a LED flasher instead of the classic one. Now when I turn on the indicators, they all 4 lit up like a christmas tree. They are correctly connected! I did not add a resistor yet (!) because I'm not sure if I nee done or...
  5. Food for Thought

    On Thursday 19th January 2012 my nephew Adam Stevenson 18 passed his driving test, he couldn't have neen more chuffed! by 21:38 Monday 23rd January 2012 he had died in an accident in Bruntingthorpe Leicestershire, nothing about the accident is clear at the moment other than the airbag in his...
  6. Chad,J this is what i need

    I need that for my GSA :blob2: A big fat snorkel:angel4: motorcycle in the water - YouTube
  7. its all good

    thats 4 cans of Caffreys and a nice bottle of Cab Sav supped im feeling nice and mellow now:cool: had a good day farkling put the front end back together on the GS and the rear carrier and my modified top box mount back on after powdercoat:cool: can now make room for project toxic, oh and...
  8. Hello

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi everyone! As others I've neen lurking in the shadows for too long and decided to finally join the party. I have often found the forums helpful and people here are freindly. I've got an 1998 AT. I bought her 4 years ago with 45000kms. At the time, i actaully signed up here....however my bike...
  9. tank

    Dominator / FMX
    is a fuel tank off a 1991 dominator the same as a 1999 tank if not what year of tank do i need
  10. Bagster tank cover/protector sellers?

    Africa Twin
    I am looking for this tank cover from Bagster: Bagster - Traditional Anyone know an international seller I can buy from? They're crazy expensive here in Norway.
  11. Michelin tyre confusion

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I'm a bit confused with the Michelin tyre website. Take a look at the link below and it gives a couple of options for my varadero. Now click on both the rear tyres and the little spider graph suggests that the anakees scoring 455454 are better all round than the pilot roads which score 345354...
  12. ok, so what plug socket do i need

    Africa Twin
    hi all, i decided to change the plugs tonight, took the tank off, side panels off, seat off, loosened the left rad....................................... then found out i didnt have the correct plug socket :mad:. I have one too big and one too small :(. what size do i need ?. is it a trip...
  13. rear disc

    Africa Twin
    anyone have a rear disc for a rdo4 they don,t need
  14. kids in need

    Mini XRVs
    what did you do for children in need today :clown::angel5::angel5::angel5::angel5::angel5::angel5::angel5::fart::angel11::laughing5:
  15. Bon Annee Wobblemoster

    :occasion4: :occasion5: :occasion7: :occasion7: :occasion1: :occasion9: :cheers: :joker: :occasion6: