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  1. Steering bearing replacement advice needed

    Has anyone here replaced their steering head bearings? If did you remove the bearing 'race' that is on the lower yoke? This thing... The internet suggests - using a chisel - using an angle grinder - using a dremel - using two screwdrivers - using some sort of special tool
  2. XRV 750 Owner Manual

    Africa Twin
    PM for a PDF copy if needed
  3. Wanted: swap 19"slr for 21" NX wheel and brake. and slr nx carb needed

    For Sale / Wanted
    got an SLR 650 with no carb any condition considered as i will clean and rebuild. also looking to put a 21" wheel and brake in it swap for the current 19" set up ?? cheers Ewen. located in London .
  4. 1983 xl100s project, help needed

    I want to ditch the exhaust and replace it with something smaller and cheaper. What do you recomend?
  5. XL 600 LMF 1985 Twin Headlight Needed

    Hello, Does anyone have a spare Twin Headlight for the LMF they would be willing to sell? Thank you Luke
  6. Wanted: 01-04 TA Right Side Panel, any color needed

    For Sale / Wanted
    01-06 TA Right Side Panel any color needed. I have a 04 TA, I need to replace the Right Side Panel (battery cover) Any help in finding would be appreciated. Thanks- Harry
  7. Transalp 600 Ignition Switch + tank cap with keys needed

    I looking for to buy for a transalp 600 the ignition switch with keys + the fuel tank cap that uses the same keys as the switch. Cheers
  8. gasket replacement advice needed

    i am going to try to put a new valve cover gasket on my TA600 having never changed an engine gasket before, can anyone offer any advice??
  9. Header advice needed

    Thought I'd pop in here and ask advice from those that know a lot more than I do about Transalps.............:D Does anyone know if the headers from a PD06 can be fitted to the PD10?
  10. Xr 250 r 1996-2004 engine needed

    Hi All Im after a complete engine as per the title "running". Cheers Si
  11. Wanted: Transalp xl 650 parts needed

    For Sale / Wanted
    In need of a few bits for my TA, anything considered. Swing arm. Rear rim. Fairing plastics (unbroken) Soft pannier rack Thanks for looking folk's
  12. Xr125 exhaust needed

    Doea any body know where i can get an exhaust from for my xr 125 thats not too expensive. Mine has rusted away after being left out for a year. Ebay ones are too expensive. Thanks Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  13. Frame number plate info needed

    Can anyone make a picture of his/her bike's frame number plate (or whatever it's called, see image) please? Unfortunately my one has been powder coated, so I have to make a new, but have no idea how it looks like. update: and please hold a tape measure next to the plate's long side, so I can...
  14. front wheel needed

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    hi anyone know where i would geta front wheel for 2000 xrv 750?
  15. Side Stand needed

    Help please. Side stand collapsed, fortunately while in workshop. Need a replacement ASAP. Do I remember someone on here breaking a vara?
  16. africa twin rims needed

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know where I can get a set of rims for an rd07? mine have the dreaded corrosion and would not risk using them now
  17. Air Filter Cover needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I am looking for a air filter cover for my RD07A, apart from rugged roads, anywhere else I can look? Thanks, Jacque
  18. RD07A CDI needed

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I need a CDI for a RD07A, Anyone know where I can source one? Thanks a lot... Jacque.
  19. URGENT: brake problem, help needed

    Currently enjoying my vacation in Scotland and my front brake is going. I can now pull the lever up to the grip at 30mph and the bike will roll to a stop over a 8-10 meter distance... Not good... Tried to open the reservoir to see if fluid ok, one of the screw heads is not co-operating. Anyone...
  20. vara upgrade help needed

    well i was thinking about having my vara re-bored to get a bit more out of it but then i couldn't help notice how the top end looks like a cg125 head so i was wondering if anyone knows of any 125 cylinder head well whole top end cylinder, piston, rods that would fit straight on the vara so i...