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  1. Other Honda
    Hi, I've just won this ebay auction for a CT90 needing a bit of work. I'm after peoples thoughts on if they think it's a good deal, and anything I should check when I go to collect? It was a bit of a last minute impulse buy. Thanks in advance, Rob
  2. Dominator / FMX
    non standard air filter and exhaust (nx650 1999 Keihin VE carb) , hesitant acceleration up to 1/4 throttle , above that ok . all points to needing larger pilot/slow jet but already have gone from standard 50 to a 65 . a lot better but still not smooth . Anyone think ok to go even bigger on slow...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, last week I finally brought an RD03 from France, I've been waiting a very long time for that moment. I'm in the process of getting everything sorted so it can be registered with the DVLA but I've run into a stumbling block. Because the bike is old enough not to have a EU...
  4. Dominator / FMX
    As the title says, I'm after the small black inner fairing trim panel for a 1988 Dommie . I think the later ones had a one piece clock surround. I'm also needing a plug spanner / spark plug key. Cash waiting . Regards, Jok.
  5. XL
    Hi all, just bought a 1981 Honda xl500s and new to this type of bike, (usually do 2 strokes, don't hold it against me !!) upon inspection its going to be needing a lock set, ignition, helmet and steering lock, can't seem to find a set anywhere are they still available either new or used...
  6. XL
    Hi Guyys,,, I have a xl185s.. I need a right hand side panel,,ha sanyone got one, or can tell me what panels will fit it fae the other xl`s,,a think a 125 or 100 will do it but not sure... will the 250s do it...?? anyone got one... needing it bad...cheers.
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Anybody got a set of front discs for a 96 AT RDO7 ?? needing them kinda quick No warpies please :D:D
  8. Mechanical Advice
    whats good in the 17 inch tire market will be needing one soon for the back end of the 84 xr 17 inch rim more off road than on road work seem's to be little to pic from in the 17 inch size
  9. Dominator / FMX
    I am looking for someone to make a one off custom solo seat for my dommie special. If I provide the seat base dimensions , I will be needing someone to upholster it and ship it to Denmark. Any suggestions chaps as this is above my skill set and I want a propper job doing for my flat tracker...
  10. Chatter
    Many thanks Pete. My seat is approaching the point of needing rebuilding, forum member has loaned me a seat off his bike to use while I get mine sorted. Nice one Sir. And so many people say internet forums are a waste of time.
  11. Varadero
    Wondering if anyone knows of cheap monoshock Desperately needing one cheers in advance:thumbup
  12. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Not 100% certain yet, but it is looking increasing likely that if I want a post-harvest break, it'll be on my tod (on the Vara) as t' Missus does not seem keen on a break!! So, I am pondering a bike run across the Channel, heading towards warmish weather and not too much fog, so S. France...
  13. XR
    Hi guys just to let yous know im going to be buying a Honda XR350R in the next week or 2 to break it and just to let yous know if you are needing any parts. its a 1984 model and guy said its one of the first models with the disc brakes. il have everything and some of the parts will be x2 as...
  14. Dominator / FMX
    hola, re-greasing the swing arm bearings and possible fitting a grease nipple ( why isnt there one as standard?) is next on my list. i have heard some hondas have pre-loaded bearings needing a special tool to remove. does a dominator have that or just old school bearings and spindle. thank you.
  15. Chatter
    Does anyone know the German for 'throttle bodies'? I might be needing to replace mine and can't find any on UK ebay.
  16. Mechanical Advice
    So the wheels for the old airhead are away at the blasters and I'll be needing to apply soome paint when they return. What's the latest recommendations on paint. Previously I've just used car body paints and lacquer but I see there are a few wheels specific paints by duplicolour, simoniz and...
  17. XR
    Hi all I know the xr's are known for the bullet proof engines, but just wondering how many miles until they start needing engine work? ps for the xr400.
  18. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, im looking for an africa twin but crash damaged / in need of repair / rebuild / abandoned project / electrical issues whatever. any age any condition but money will be proportional to condition - heap = heap money :) or if you just want it away can pick up for free :cool: God I sound...
1-18 of 31 Results