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  1. Rd 07 1995

    Africa Twin
    Where can I purchase two main needle jets (the long needles attached to the carb slide)? I know the part number but am unable to find anyone stocking this item. Addition to this post- I found that Rugged Roads stock the items (stocked as "Fuel Needles"..!!!) . However they have two part numbers...
  2. Wanted: Carb Needles RD04

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a set of new (or as good as new) needles for my RD04 carb. Front/Right Needle Set, Part No: 16151-MM9-621 Left/Rear Needle Set, Part No: 16151-MV1-700
  3. Leaking float needle

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, Recently put new needles into carbs in the hope of resolving a flooding and leak issue on the left carb of my RD07. Didn't work, carb still leaks:sad11:. Is there any (other) way to try get the needle to seat without leaking? I'm dubious about trying anything abrasive. Cheers Steve
  4. RD07A carb needles default types?

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, Can anyone confirm what the default Honda OEM fitted carb needles model type are for a RD07A model year 2001? On my bike I have carb needles that are marked as J3WB in both carbs but when I look at the pdf file parts breakdown the needle kits are different part numbers for front and...
  5. Well I think Lulu is busy with her knitting needles over xmas

    After seeing this i reckon she is knitting Morag some winter woolies,
  6. handlebar grips and end weights.

    Had a great ride on my transalp yesterday, just over 200 miles in lovely weather. The 700 performed perfectly, and so comfy, but a few ' pins and needles' in my hands were noticed when I had just got off the bike. Im sure its more the fault of my 50 year old hands, and not my 2 month old...
  7. Sold: Honda CB1-400 (NC27)

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Honda CB1-400 NC-27 1993 L reg. 41,060 miles Original Powder Blue colour This is my son’s bike, we bought it from AlanH of this forum is 2009. The bike is in still in very good condition following a full restoration by AlanH immediately before we bought it. It is still...
  8. RD04 Original Carburetor Needle Size

    Africa Twin
    Hi all Can anybody tell me what the sizes are on the original needles in the carbs. I have a J83A(back cylinder) and looks like 9T18(front cylinder). The 18 can be a I8 or l8, cannot see all that clear even with magnifying glass. Thanks
  9. in about two hours time

    i shall be out sparko on an operating table having big feck off needles jammed in my spine . i hope to feck he's a good shot :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  10. xl600r jetting probs, please help

    hi, recently purchased a 6sigma jet kit, the instalation instructions say to leave the pilot standard, shimmed needles, 135 in primary, 132.5 secondry, and tried a 65 pilot but i couldnt get it to idle properly at all, so i tried a 55 and it runs better and starts easier, then i find out my...
  11. on the road with a problem ideas please (urgent)

    Left my house and rode the 350KM to the port. Am now on the boat from Rosslare to Fishgaurd? When I stopped for petrol the bike refused to start so I managed to get someone with jump leads to start the bike and rode the remaining 150KM to the port. During this part of the ride my speedo and rev...
  12. Facet pump update,seems to be too much pressure

    Africa Twin
    Fitted a new facet pump a 40105,as mentioned in earlier posts,but the pressur e seems to be too much for the float needles,and fuel is coming out the vent. Before I take the float needles out for a look, I though picking a few of your brains might be an idea. There was no problem with fuel...
  13. Should I be worried?

    After the little foray to Cornwall on Monday, I have a slight concern: My feet got really cold, the numb, dead, white cold. I couldn't feel then for a while, and when they eventually came back to life (Tuesday afternoon), they left me with a pins and needles feeling, sort of deep inside. Its...
  14. 86 xl600r running queries

    Hi guys Had my xl for a while now and after many hours of reading around, it seems that many of us have been plagued with this "bog" occuring once you snap open the throttle. A few questions first though I think that the model i have is an "RD" model but what is the difference between this and...
  15. XL600R acceleration juddering

    Hi guys Bought an 86 xl600r last year and have been stripping it down and rebuilding the frame work and engine wiring etc. However, the guy i bought it off had completely rebuilt the inside of the engine. The engine runs sweet as a nut (when i can get it going) which leads me on to my problems...
  16. Keihin carb issue

    Hi all, I spent an hour taking my carbs off, yet again, on my KLE500. All atempts to get the bike running properly have been in vain :confused: So this week I ordered a couple of carb kits off the internet. I was informed by another member of the forum (thanks Lee) that the float needles were...
  17. 1st run this yr on Vara

    I washed the Varadero and gave it a polish today, as the weather was fine I took it for a quick spin. Around town then out the coast road west, great to get back out on the mighty Vara again! Just a word of warning for anyone who's been off the road for a few months over winter, apart from the...
  18. Cramp buster

    Mechanical Advice
    :cool: Hi Folks, Has anyone tried these so called cramp busters come cruise control throttle atachments, after a long ride I get cramps and pins and needles on the right hand and was wondering if anyone had found a solution if they sufferd the same and have tried any of the mentioned items...
  19. XR 650 Aussie style

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Seeing how I own a web site in Australia and an XR, my two closest mates own big XR's, one of my moderators (and mate) owns another XR I get to do a lot of riding in a hell of a lot different areas (not just near home Mick ;)) I have been lucky with the amount of riding I have done and the...
  20. For Sale: Sip spraygun kit brand new boxed/unused

    For Sale / Wanted
    Purchased this Kit but remains unused as Project cancelled. I am offering at £60 delivered by courier (see Fleabay listing link below for same £75 inc del) PM me if of interest or 07981 036146 Inc Suction Spraygun/ Touch Up Gun & Selection of spare nozzles/ needles for the Suction Gun - Nice...