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  1. tyres

    I am new to the TA with knobbly tyres all my other bikes have had 'normal' road tyres. 2 days this week and one day last week I drove to/from work in torrential rain. each trip is 20 miles with about 10 crossing Glasgow streets and the other 10 on motorway/dual carriageway. The tyres (trailwing)...
  2. Clarke 3/8" Drive Reversible Torque Wrench

    Product Reviews
    After all the positive reviews I suppose its time for a negative one. I bought this low price (£16) torque wrench from Clarke tools at Machine Mart a year or so and while it doesn't get a huge amount of use, as I have a better one for the higher torque settings, it as still seen a fair bit of...
  3. Centech Auxiliary Power Fuse Panel

    Product Reviews
    This is a great piece of kit that I bought whilst in the States a couple of years ago for $45 (about £30 at the time) but it is available online. Basically it’s an additional fuse box that enables you to quickly and easily power any additional accessories you want to put on your bike. I...
  4. where do u wire up your heated grips?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi guys, I had Honda OE heated grips on my other 2 bikes, good quality items. Having put my hands on a pair of Oxford heated grips at 07 NEC, I decided to buy a pair (knob type, not electronic control box) as they are certainly hotter than Honda OE ones for my vara. My question is I joined my...
  5. tomtom FRUSTRATION!

    Mechanical Advice
    I have the tomtom Rider 2 (Western European edition). WAS happy with it until today. For the last couple of weeks I have been simply riding out and about with the tomtom and runiing it off the internal device battery. However, I tried to wire it tonight to the motorbike battery and it...
  6. TA seat comfort again - solution?

    A lot of TA 650 riders find the saddle can become increasingly uncomfortable the longer you ride, myself included. I tried the cycling shorts, even bought an Airhawk, which doubled my duration in the saddle to about 2.5 hours before it got uncomfortable but still wasn't ideal. I've now got...
  7. Silly bulb question

    Mechanical Advice
    On an H3 bulb, which is the wire that is pre-attached to the bulb itself? Positive or Negative?
  8. Fitting a Motrax adjustable chain oiler thingy!!!!

    Right - here goes! A mate of mine kindly donated a chain oiler to me to put on my trusty steed! It is one of the electrical Motrax ones and unfortunately had a few bits missing! But using all of my cunning, guile and determination (and all of Jonno's tools, workshop and tutoring) i got it...
  9. Suspension set up and sag

    The bike is a 650 Transalp, and I am going to be adjusting (increasing) the preload on the rear shock before next weekend. It´s now with 25000kms and I think it´s got more sag than before, I have not measured yet how much the bike drops when I sit on it but when it´s standing on the sidestand...
  10. to those over thirty remember this life

    Gotta Be Over 30 to Understand the following : Mum used to cut chicken, slice eggs and spread mayo on the same cutting board with the same knife and no bleach, but we didn't get food poisoning. My Mum used to defrost mince-meat on the kitchen sink AND I used to eat a bite raw sometimes, too...
  11. Avon Road Riders (yes more tyres)

    Looking for new tyres.......isn't everyone (anything is better than the trailwings), FWR in London have just got the new Avon Road riders in, and they are (allegedly) very good. Has anyone here had experience of them. Also i was looking at fitting a 130 on the rear instead of the 120, does any...
  12. Antifreeze Questions

    Africa Twin
    With the arrival of end the summer and the begining of a new glacier period I have some questions concerning new coolant. :? 1 : What is the importance of using distilled water rather than tapwater ? 2 : Is there a better alternative to the 50/50 solution, I would presume it would depend on...
  13. Rideout's forum?

    Hi, I don't want to sound negative about the site, but it appears that the rideout's forum is becoming slightly staggered in their use and the calendar seems to be under used - or not used to it's full potential. Am I alone in thinking this? We have some members posting rideouts in the local...
  14. Thanks to everyone who replied

    I wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave some input on my choice (whether or not to keep my AT or to get something else). I read your posts and wanted to reply properly to them today, but the thread appears to have vanished! It wasn't me Guv! The other half wasn't keen on the idea of...
  15. Fitting a 12v Relay & Ciggie Socket

    Africa Twin
    Disclaimer first: I am not a qualified electrician and make no claim to be one. The only thing I’m sure of when it comes to electrics is don’t lick light switches. This write-up is based on what I did to my bike and is not intended as a definitive guide to all things electrical. That said...
  16. Trail riding in Norway or Sweden

    Thinking of going off road in Norway or Sweden next year but not on the @. Me and my pals like to go somewhere different once a year with our enduro bikes and explore a different country. It could be to enter a competition and take in some trails or just do a bit of touring and trail riding. We...
  17. Race Cans

    I've never plucked up the courage to ask my insurance company about their view on race cans and whether they would invalidate a claim, but today as I was renewing my insurance I decided to ask the brokers about it. Their advice was that an insurance company MAY use the fact that you have an...
  18. K&N Filters

    Africa Twin
    I have just been reading a thread on 'horizons unlimited'which seems to be saying that K&N filters just aren't up to the job .....especially on adventure bikes... Having just installed one on my AT I'm obviously a little concerned...any body have any thoughts or experiences ...positive/negative
  19. Staintune fitted

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It's not cheap at £330 from Woody's Importarium (plus delivery) but it's gorgeous and should last being stainless. The guy who makes these is a craftsman. Lovely welds and everything lined up perfectly. Dealing with Mike at Woodys was hassle free. Fitting was simple and does not require the...