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  1. Transalp
    Sunday, 20th November, two TAs, post muddiness. The day after the cyclone, these intrepid Transalpers were spending their early Sunday morning negotiating the post-monsoon mud !
  2. Chatter
    Any of you lot ever been pulled for standing up on the pegs whilst negotiating bumpy bits of public road ? Tomorrow, I have to go see a Maltese cop, that saw me standing on the pegs as I was going over an undulating stretch of Maltese public tarmac.
  3. Chatter
    Hi there, Im looking to buy a bike in your neck of the woods. Im buying from Ireland so will have to negotiate over the phone. Any tips for dealing with dealers over the phone. Itll be a transalp 650, 2006/7. I have my eye on one already, 2006 Transalp, 6000+ miles, £3600. I want to get them to...