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  1. Aftermarket exhaust

    I am looking for a new aftermarket exhaust for my rebuild. I tried something I bought off ebay a while back but it was really really loud. Any suggestions for ones which wont shatter the neighbours eardrums or break the bank? Cheers
  2. RD02 Dommie exhaust

    Dominator / FMX
    I am looking to buy an exhaust stystem for my 94 Dominator to cut down on weight. :rolleyes: I would like something that I can bolt straight on without having to fiddle with the carb settings. I wouldnt be against something that might piss my neighbours off :D:D:D Your advice would be...
  3. A Little on the Windy Side !!

    Always sleep with the Bedroom Window open, so last night heard the Wind howling. Woke up this morning and it was still blowing a Gale (and still is), and was P****d off to see our fence in pieces :mad:. Still, faired better than our Neighbours :(
  4. March 1st, St David's Day.

    Have a good day, neighbours.
  5. more music from my neighbours

    YouTube - JUMBLE BOX
  6. How to upset the neighbours!

    I've just gotta post this because I love the noise it makes. Somehow, I don't think I could handle exhausts that loud, and I'm sure my neighbours would hate me more than they already do!! It's odd, but it sort of sounds like a V4 to me at times during the vid, which it obviously isn't, but...
  7. Neighbours Leaky Garage roof

    Hi folks, anyone got an legal info/ positive personal experience about my nieghbour's very leaky garage roof! it is soaking through my concreate floor and its getting a bit damp for all my bike gear (plus bike, plus all the other crud I've squished in there) a couple of the joists are...
  8. neighbours

    No music this time though, celebrity property porn owners and whips and chains, the news of the screws discovers our villages worst kept secret, perversio.perversion.perversion
  9. My neighbours

    The guy playing the sax lives just a few yards from me, they practice at his house, some days in the summer i can sit in the garden with this kinda music in the background live and free and they play in the pub occasionally as well, the vid was made in the lane to the local beach...