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  1. Sore backside ?

    Hi folks just back from my first long distance tour 2500 miles around the coast of Ireland one thing that has left an impression on me is the discomfort I have been in due to the shape of the seat on my 650 Transalp. Does anyone know of a replacement seat similar to the Africa Twin Enduro style...
  2. Rough running?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi I'm experiencing some rough running whilst the engine is ticking over I think it's referred to as hunting, it also seems to miss fire occasionally on a steady throttle at around 2000 rpm with a soft sort of wet fart backfire on the overrun. Can anyone put there finger on a reason for these...
  3. 700 alp fuel consumption

    just letting you transalpedians know after 188mls i checked the fuel put in the tank 14.26ltrs 60miles to the gallon from a 23000miler 700 VA9not bad at all eh<br>Neil
  4. For Sale: Annakee 2 tyres - used

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I've a front (90/90-21) and rear (140/80-17) off of my Africa Twin. I won't use them as I've gone down the TKC route. Excellent tyres for road or light trail. Would prefer collection if possible as no idea how much it would cost to post/courier. I'm in Banstead, Surrey. £50 for the pair...
  5. Hi there. . . . .

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello, Just like to introduce myself, just stumbled across the forum after doing some searching on't internet for some help regarding a problem I am having with my newly acquired NX650 dominator. My name is Neil, I have just got another trail bike after not owning one for 5 years or...
  6. Honda fmx650 with ignitech controller

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi , I've just fitted an ignitech controller to my fmx 650 and was wondering if any body has any good advance settings for these units thanks Neil
  7. Camping and bunkhouses at Galloway Reloaded 2013

    Austin's Adventures
    I got in contact with the campsite the other week just to check all was well with the various bookings. Just as well I did as they denied all knowledge of us. Mostly sorted now. :rolleyes: Camping. This will be in our usual area near the climbing tower. When you arrive either pitch your...
  8. DR350 Oil Leak

    Hi all, I'm new to the DR350 scene so please be gentle with what will I'm be some stupid questions! My '92 DR350 has a really bad oil leak from the magneto/generator cover. I took the cover off and sure enough there was a piece of gasket missing about an inch long. My question is, should there...
  9. I'm back, but no Africa Twin this time

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Well after a good few years away from bikes, I've taken the plunge and got myself one. This time round it's a DR350 which needs a bit of work. I used to have an RD03, which for some foolish reason I sold (ended up buying a pushchair with the money!) and have regretted since. So that's me saying...
  10. A day in my life...

    A recent thread about Neil Armstrong got me thinking about some of the memorable events that have occured since I was born in 1964. I've watched events that will go down in history, that have possibly changed the world. In no particular order; Man in space and on the moon (I can just about...
  11. Neil Armstrong

    The first man to set foot on the moon, is now arriving in heaven. One small step... RIP Neil
  12. xr 650r super moto wheels and front brake set up

    For Sale / Wanted
    xr 650r talon supermoto wheels with dunlop radials gpr 80 tyres,comes with front braking disc and talon caliper mount ready to bolt straight on. in vgc all though slight corrosion to nipples should polish out £450.00 + P&P or collect. contact Neil 07831 586691
  13. XL250K3 - performance? (lack of....)

    As you may have seen in the 'show us yours' I have an old K3, which occasionally sneaks out onto the road. (Not Manx registered yet - well, we've only been here 9 years...oops). Anyway, I am busy giving her a big tidy up for the Manx test (once only job for registration - no MOT here) and she...
  14. Riding my 125xlv to spain

    Hi all. Just a quickie about the legalities of riding a 125 to Spain and back (via ferry ports to Santander). I have a full lisence (restricted for another 4 months) and cant afford to upgrade yet. There's bog all wrong with Baby V, so intend to ride her from Dover to Portsmouth and then from...
  15. Wanted: wanted xr650r

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    wanted xr650r must be t&t contact neil on 07831 586691 email for pictures [email protected] many thanks neil
  16. Neil Harris Motorcycles - NO

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Just bought a TA from them and was willing to accept the spray paint on the exhaust and wheels to make it look nicer. I'm hoping that they have at least treated the rust beneath the paint. BUT. Mysteriously the left radiator is now leaking. They put it though an MOT and it passed np. Shame they...
  17. Neil Diamond Fans...

    ... radio 4 now :thumbright: