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  1. Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Hi! I'm from South Africa. Been riding old bikes for ever, and recently bought a 1992 AT, my "newest" bike to date. Which fuel is preferable for the AT, leaded or unleaded? Our Octane rating is 93 for either leaded or unleaded.
  2. Transalp
    Won't say who he is as he will be along to introduce you to a very nice little find as soon as he has taken a gratuitous amount of pictures. I am a little jealous actually,she's a peach and I let her slip through my fingertips, still she's got a good new home and will be spoilt...
  3. Transalp
    my newest: 2004 Transalp 650 Edi Orioli Desert Replica by Boano Racing Hi, Collected it in Cuneo, Italy and got it home to Norway on has even a higher saddle heigth (94 cm's) than my AT's . Had a oil change by Boano on Thursday and I got a very friendly welcome and a...
  4. Africa Twin
    hi to everyone, i've just joined this forum, after finding it by accident!!!!!!!!!! I have owned a RD07 for close to two years, and ride it every day to work. After reading other post, i to have to agree that i still get a big smile when getting it out of the garage. My AT is the most complete...