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  1. Achill-henge

    The BBC has just told me about Achill-henge. This Irish Times image makes it look quite a sight. What do youse still in Ireland think of it, should it stay, or should it go ?
  2. Interesting newspaper article

    You may know I'm not a fan of the newpapers - too many biased opinions and too few facts - but this article makes some excellent points about the threat to our democracy: Johann Hari: Your right to protest is under threat - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
  3. local newspaper story!!

    Dorset Echo the local rag had a good one on the front page this week. Dorset county hospital in Dorchester is removing the hand wash dispensers from outside the main entrance lobby. reason why? its an alcohol based hand wash and the local tramps are drinking the stuff! brilliant!! dont you...