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  1. I don't get it ?

    Dominator / FMX
    Since Ive had this bike, about 3 1/2 years or so, its never been a quick or good starter or go that well, and have had an increasing problem with stalling at idle So over the last year or so Ive done quite a few things to try and solve or at least improve things, get it running nicer etc New...
  2. Trip master not working and fixed

    Africa Twin
    Went out to start my AT the other day and noticed the Tripmaster wasn't powering up, oh no I thought I just did the resistor mod for the speed a couple of weeks ago and I've messed up, did some checking and found a corroded looking terminal on the multi-plug. Further checking showed both sides...
  3. New AT owner

    Africa Twin
    Hi chaps and chapesses Although I'm not new to the forum I haven't been on here in a while. Yesterday I chopped in my 2005 1150 gsa for a 2002 AT. Just fancied a change and always wanted an AT. Wanted to get back on to some trails and I was never going to do that on the gsa. Just got bored of...
  4. aftermarket exhaust

    Hi everyone,i have recently bought a varadero 1000 2006 model in red,white and blue and i`m loving it.I would like to change the exhaust system for something a little less restrictive and with a nicer sound but my hand book says the system has catalytic converter fitted.Can i fit a different...
  5. Spain/Portugal trip

    Hi guys We are thinking of doing a trip to Spain/Portugal the end of March this year. The plan is to take the ferry over to Santander or Bilboa and then ride the chosen routes. We only have about 10-14 days and do not want to do 300 miles every day but rather enjoy the scenery than trying to...
  6. RD04 & RD07 fairing compatibility

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, Ive read quite a bit on this topic on ADV and here + tried searching around, but i never found a "for sure" answer. I saw some mods online, where someone fitted the rear tail from a rd07 to a rd04, but there was no mention of (how much) modding. So, to clear this - how many of the...
  7. Weird handling

    New Transalp is proving a great choice. Forgot ... as Ive only had 1 before and that was a lot of bikes ago !!!!.... Anyhows been out for a run today with Cabbage and on back roads the bike seems to flick about on surfaces that especially have tarmac lines and other imperfections. On smooth A...
  8. if i had £8000 i would buy this little beauty

    Other Bikes
    I seen one just like it red same seat the lot maybe the same bike ? parked on the street in Dagenham around 20 years ago and I cant ever remember seeing a more beautyfull looking bike on paper screen or in the metal . from what I have read about them they were the best parrale twin of the 70's...
  9. Report: Progressive springs and "Ricor intiminator" rebound valves (650 TA)

    My forks were too soft, they used to bottom out quite easily off road, and they dived a lot under braking. I don't own a garage but had the use of one whilst a friend was on holiday, so with little time I had to do all the work in one go. I fitted Hyperpro progressive springs, and I also...
  10. Cutting out at tickover

    Dominator / FMX
    Have managed to prevent the dredded cut out at tickover on my '96 Dominator. Adjusted the air screw to 3 1/2 turns out ie more rich. Its under the carb and facing down so a pig to get at - however, I went to Maplin and bought a flexable screwdriver, approached from the gearchange side and...
  11. The Red Clay !!!!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Myself, Barftone and Steve went out to do some lanes in Herefordshire today, glorious weather but still wet underwheel and plenty of mud as we found out later :happy2: Cracking lane to start with, about five miles long and varying conditions, here's one of the nicer bits............. On this...
  12. Briefly 600 vs 650 Observations from those you have tried both

    Now I've already had a couple of 600's but what could convince me to move upto a 650? The 600 looks much nicer and more 'manly' if dated, with the 650 m curvier and expensive in a drop! But how does the engine behave, power and economy? and weather protection wind blast etc? And legendary finish...
  13. RD03 luggage rack and high windscreen question..

    Africa Twin
    I am trying to track down a rack for my RD03 and was wondering what other bikes have similar racks which could be simply modified or just bolted straight on ? Following on from this I would like to fit a high windscreen to my bike but the only examples i have seen on the market look pretty...
  14. Nice Bike but nicer plate

    Just browsing ebay and came across this Not a bad looking bike but check the plate out