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    Fred Hill died in prison on the 10th February 1984, while fighting against bureaucratic interference with his choice to ride a motorcycle without wearing a crash helmet. Many people may have heard of Fred Hill but not actually know who he was and why he is remembered with such respect by the...
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    I stumbled on this story of a local pensioner so fed up with ignorant morons blocking his garage: Pensioner filmed shunting car which blocked garage - Telegraph Here is a quote from the article: Here's the video: YouTube - Parking rage pensioner shunts car into road, runs over driver Some...
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    just been given the news that my 2 nieces have given birth :D and was then told what they had been called,might help to let you know they are sisters and are aged 21 and 18 18 yr old had hers first and named the baby Nicholas Michael 21 yr old next and named hers Hugo Dennis now does anyone...
1-3 of 6 Results