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  1. A slice of AT anyone?

    I just thought I'd share a picture of the Birthday cake that my young niece made for me!! Very apt :laughing8:
  2. Sweating at work...

    Need people to cross fingers for me... Sat here sweating at work waiting for news of my little gorgeous who is going in for an op this morning (my Niece who lives with me). She has Cerebral Palsy and needs an op to put her hip back into the socket, she's only 5 and is very frightened and this...
  3. Dommie owner seeks help for niece

    Mechanical Advice
    Sorry folks - not your average trailee - but niece has a problem with her scooter. Honda SFX. The start procedure is to hold in brake lever and press start button - should then tick over but doesn't want to know. I have got it going twice using this theory with throttle full open...but it just...