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  1. Blown bulb

    Dominator / FMX
    My dommie’s tail light failed on the way home last night. The first clue was when a trucker flashed his lights at me after I passed him on the M25. A couple of others flashed but it’s remarkable how many of my fellow motorists didn’t! Also remarkable what a faff it is to get to the bulb. Both...
  2. RD04 Water ingress clear coat/film on tank?

    Africa Twin
    Hello Everyone, I came out to find what appears to be a clear film separating from the tank with water or air trapped underneath, after a night of heavy downpour. The safety stickers appear to be on the outside which suggests that this clear coating is original. Has anyone experienced anything...
  3. stolen crf 450x 2005

    CRF - New Forum!
    Had my crf 450x stolen last night , if you are going to look at any for sale in the future mine had a few one of marks, deep scratch on the frame near the weld on the left side , one off led headlight, home made stand headlight board had been repaired the a blue plastic piece to hold it to the...
  4. HISS

    So, on Friday night I parked my '07 650 TA in the garage, everything was fine. On the Saturday morning I tried to fire it up and it just spun on the starter with no hint of life. I then noticed the green 'key' light was not going out, so that is the HISS warning light. I've had the bike around a...
  5. Led headlights

    Africa Twin
    Bought these bad boys from for 11 euros(dynamic pricing if you search direct you pay a higher price than if you browse and they show up)(number four of the ones shown) took two weeks to arrive, look good quality with a built in cooling fan etc. Fitted today and the result is like...
  6. No spark at coils

    Africa Twin
    HI I connected all my wiring harness last night and put a battery in and the old girl actually turned over when i pushed the "GO" button, Happy days. I've been poking round with a test light and noticed there is no power getting to the wire's that connect to the coil's.I don't have a fuel cut...
  7. For Sale: Vango Omega 350

    For Sale / Wanted
  8. Replace standard bulb position (12v 4W BA9s) in headlight to LED.

    Africa Twin
    One of my bulbs just was black inside, so I decide to replace both bulbs, but to something good and led :) I decide NOT to buy some cheap china crap, and was ready to pay. I make small issue, and found two companies Osram and Philips. Philips was better, but I didn't found this bulbs on ebay...
  9. RD07A Water pump weep hole

    Africa Twin
    Hi fitting new chain/ oil change etc yesterday have noticed that I have a very small ,really small weep of coolant from weep hole .It would be only a single drip gathering at the lowest part of the waterpump casing over a 24 hr period ,have placed kitchen roll below area and nothing over night...
  10. Stolen 600 transalp

    Sadly not a post I thought I'd ever have to write.. ***Stolen*** Corporation Street, Stafford, Uk Some kind souls have decided to relieve me of my '89 transalp (reg: K826DDC) (late import). Most likely happened the night of Tuesday 13th March / morning of Wednesday 14th but could have been...
  11. Cumbrian Rally 12th-13th May 2018 at Nentsberry near Alston

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Due to zero take up, probably because of other events over this weekend, this is cancelled regards John
  12. RD08 Exhausts

    Dominator / FMX
    Just bought an RD08, really nice to ride and goes well. 99% of it is in good order, however the exhausts (pipe to muffler) are shot. my first peak under the side panels last night revealed a very sorry state of affairs (much disappointment). Been looking around and I cannot decide on a course...
  13. Leftover part....what is it?!?

    I have a knack of acquiring spares. They end up left on the floor after I put things back together. :/ Anyway, last night I finally got round to changing the sprockets and chain on my 1981 XL185. Everything came off and went back on as I expected but when I was tidying up tools afterwards I...
  14. Running rough since rebuild

    Hi I had my first test ride following the rebuild last night and another today. I haven't done anything to the insides of the engine. The only thing I changed was the spark plugs. Admittedly I still haven't managed to get the airbox connectors seated properly on the carbs. However it is...
  15. FREE BEER.

    If any of you guys plan to pass through Denmark during the summer and need a place to pitch your tent for a night or two ,there is free beer to be had...:D:D:D I could even fit in a guided tour to a local brewery if you like.:thumbup: The more the merrier as I know it winds my neigbours up, and...
  16. this wicked quite on hear as they would say around where i live

    with everyone out on their bikes and gardening or doing any other things that nice weather suits I decided to start up a thread about nothing in particular so if anyone had anything they felt like saying about anything at all . they could put it in hear and it wouldn't be out of place . with...
  17. oil filter removal tool

    Bodgers Corner
    having broken my oil filter removal tool changing the oil on my brothers car I needed to change the oil and filter on my transalp 600 so the long slot head screw driver and hammer were put to use a couple of belts of the hammer and it was in then just a push down and it was loose easy peasy ...
  18. Exhaust collector's copper rings

    Africa Twin
    I sweared over and over last night when I reinstalled the RD07's collector. I tried fitting them using the copper rings and it was impossible. The collector would always be crooked. I tried half a dozen ways without success... I finally decided to reinstall it without the crush copper rings...
  19. XL700 repeated loss of power/cut out

    Took my 2009 Xl700 for it's first proper 'long' ride today, 100 miles down to cornwall - fine, all smooth, very happy. On the way back about 30 miles in there was a sudden loss of power, engine spluttering like it had no fuel- even out of gear it would not rev past 3000. Pulled over, checked...
  20. Transalp Fuel Tank Overflow Corroded

    Hi All, I fiilled up with fuel the other night, and immediately fuel started coming out of one of the draining pipes at the bottom of the bike. Thought initially it was a stuck float in the carb, but it turns out the drain pipe (for when you overfill the tank) that runs from the tank cap...