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  1. Africa Twin
    I've looked for differences between RD03 my but I haven't found anything. I'm not talking about differences between countries, but differences between a 1988 RD03 and a 1989 RD03. From what I've seen, the 1989 RD03 doesn't have grese nipples on the rear swing arm and the front hub is...
  2. Transalp
    The nipple ends of these blighters often snap off. There might be a source of replacement spigot / nipple mouldings ... missus. Anyone able to supply similarly precise dimensions of a detached 'Long One' (Steady now, Alias) ? Thank You !
  3. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, Im new here and Id like to say thanks for all the useful infos here on the forums! Anyways, I have an issue, I have bought an old, a bit ugly RD04, and now im reshaping her back to her proper (original) looks. I started rebuilding the rims and I managed to save all the original spokes...
  4. Africa Twin
    Having a look over my new acquisition and noticed one or two of the spoke nipples on the front wheel are a bit rusty. Any suggestions? I did think a bit of silver hammerite on them.
  5. Africa Twin
    Are there any grease nipples on the AT RD07? I know some of the better old Honda's had them. No mention of any in the Haynes manual but that does nor usually mean very much.
  6. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Do i need these in my tyres? they got lost when were sent out for truing after a rebuilt and i get new tyres and tubes fitted. now thinking i prob should take tyres off and fit the rubber band around spoke nipples
  7. Africa Twin
    Well, in a manner of speaking! Washing the bike the other day I noticed that there was a split in the front rim next to one of the spoke holes, the rim looked a bit crappy when I bought the bike and changing both of the rims was always one of the things that I was planning on doing but I was...
  8. Mechanical Advice
    Having just struggled to remove a corroded bleed nipple from my front caliper I'm wondering if I should lightly grease the new stainless replacements or do I risk contaminating the fluid? Cheers
  9. Africa Twin
    My brakes are leaking from the nipple thread. I have never removed these before but on brand new or reconditioned brakes these are shiny and silver and clean and slot into equally shiny and clean holes and they seem to allow the fluid up the thread. Is there something I should smear on them...
  10. XR
    Has anyone Fitted grease nipples to an xr400?
  11. Mechanical Advice
    Hello Folks, Thinking of striping down the swing arm and linkage to re-grease them . At the moment there are no grease nipples (why? :( ). I thought as I'm striping it down why don't I get some grease nipples bored and fitted at the same. Is it worth it? Thanks Billy P.S Transalp XL600V 96
  12. Africa Twin
    Not those, you... ;) :p :tongue1: this one ?? where and on what model can this be found :confused: :confused:
  13. Transalp
    has anyone else noticed that bike manufactures are buying dodgy spoke nipples these days, i looked at BMW's @ TA's all showing rusty nipples in double quick time. put one off buying a bike .... :?
1-15 of 16 Results