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  1. RD07 Caliper replacement?

    Africa Twin
    Hi does anyone know if the calipers off any other bikes will fit onto the RD07? Mines a '97 with Nissin's on Cheers
  2. REAR nissin BRAKE CALIPER - interchangeable with other bikes?

    Africa Twin
    hi all. looking to swap over my rear caliper - there are a few similar looking calipers out on ebay, but is the @ different, or are they pretty much all the same(bar the bleed nipple and uniion being the main difference on the cbr600/900's: bikes Ive identified as looking like having an...
  3. what model is my bike?

    Dominator / FMX
    hi.i want to find out which model my dommie is.on the engine it says 'rd02e'it is a p reg but that wont neccesarilly tell me the model i i need to look anywhere else(frame no').help please i want to order some caliper seals (fronts on nissin caliper) and dont want to get it wrong
  4. brembo swap for old nissin callipers

    Dominator / FMX
    as the title says.i have a 97 dommie with an set of nissin 4pots up front but would realy like a set of brembos of the later models.could i do a straight swap
  5. Wanted Nissin brake kit

    Africa Twin
    The very last job before MOT now (Ive burn't the rust off the front brake discks) Is to get hold of a nissin brake rebuild kit for the pair of front calipers as the pistons although free enough are sticking I need the the rubber seals for the pistons, anybody got a supplier they can...