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  1. Be careful with rain trousers

    So this on facebook thought I would share. Im sure he not a happy chap Auto/Motor | Waarom evenwicht op de motor ontzettend belangrijk is
  2. UK - Nordkapp

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just got back from a brilliant 12 day ride from UK to Nordkapp. Eurotunnel, France, Belgium, NL, Germany, Denmark, East Coast Sweden, Rovaniemie Finland , Kautokeino/Alta/Nordkapp Norway And then zigzagged down through Norway taking in Tromso, Lofoten Islands, Trondheim, Atlantic Road and...
  3. Himalaya roadtrip 1200 km riding world's highest passes and BBC most dangerous roads.

    During my motorcycle trip overland from Holland to Nepal, in 2008, I drove already through the Himalayas on my BMW R1200GS. Unfortunately in 2008 I could not visit the highest mountain passes in the world, because all the passes were closed due to snow. In 2014 I did get an invitation to...
  4. For Sale: For Sale KTM EXC 400 2010

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, For sale my KTM EXC 400 2010 200 Hours 4800 miles Hand Guards Sump Guard Frame Guards Heated Grips 10 months MOT 10 months road tax Recent Service £ 3900 ONO or consider part exchange with KTM 950 ADV If you need more pics or info please let me know. Many...
  5. For Sale: Pair of front EBC brake discs/rotors for Honda XL1000 Varadero (will take ABS ring)

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale: Pair of front EBC brake discs/rotors for Honda XL1000 Varadero (will take ABS ring) Having a clear out of all my surplus items, and we have here a pair of EBC front brake disc rotors for a Honda XL1000 Varadero. These will accept the ABS ring. These rotors have been on the bike...
  6. Answers to Suspension questions you were too afraid to ask!!

    Hi, In my search for useful information about fork oil, I came across this good read. I found it very intresting, hopefully some of you might too?? The 10w40 fork oil experiment Doug Eleveld ([email protected]) Part 1: Fork oils, Engine oils and ATF I was recently thinking about...
  7. Why is it...

    Why is it that I run into ALL the student drivers and pensioners in the area on the one night when I'm nursing the bike home on a one-strand clutch cable that won't quite disengage the clutch anymore? Never ceases to amaze me how spooked some people seem to get from something as simple as a...
  8. Seasons whatsits

    Rode to work this morning. Passed a coach, someone inside was half asleep facing the rear, looking outside with that 1000 yard stare that says shit another long day at the office. Then the guy saw me coming, straightened up a bit and gave me a big smile. Now ain't that lovely. This latest...
  9. Pet peeve

    This just flopped into my inbox: What is it with people insisting that BMW makes a "GSA 1200 R"? Lack of literacy? Do they also talk about the Suzuki "RR 1000 GSX"? Yamaha's "Z 1200 XT"? Honda's new "X 1200 VFR", "R 600 XL", "V 600 XL" etc? And why stop there? "Twin Africa" has a certain...
  10. Paging Lord Vader

    Hey Pete, look what my zumo can do. :-)
  11. It is time

    It is time to retire my front brake disc. It was custom made for me by some guy in Germany. A full floating 320mm disc in high quality racing steel. Combined with a modified supermoto adapter set from HE Motorradtechnik and a four-pot Brembo off an 1100 GS, it's allowed me to do stuff I...
  12. New toy

    Got a bit of a bonus at work, so bought a new toy. Canon SX50. 50x optical zoom. Equivalent to 24mm-1200mm or thereabouts in old money. Oo-er. So what does that look like? First picture: It's the local radio tower. Got that? Yes? So, here's where I was...
  13. How much for a 1997 NX650 Dominator?

    Dominator / FMX
    Has anyone got any views on how much I should try and sell my 1997 Dominator? It's done 33,000 miles, I've owned it for 11 years and put 28,000 of those miles on it. New rear tyre, new head bearings, new fork seals, 12mth MOT, 6mth tax. I have loads of paper work e.g. receipts for parts and old...
  14. Hello old friend

    Dominator / FMX
    Ran into an old friend this morning: It's the head of my domi which went to the wreckers in 2011. He still had it lounging around in a basket somewhere in a corner of the (rather messy) shop. Given the typical RFVC crack between the plug and the valves, and the rather "salted" outside, it...
  15. Hi!

    Africa Twin
    Hi! I'm 36 years old, live in the Netherlands, am a firefighter for a living and hopefully going to pass my road-exam on thursday. As soon as I've passed it, I'm gonna hunt down an AT. I was thinking about this one: Motor: Honda, XRV 750, Africa Twin RD07 AutoScout24 detailpagina What do...
  16. Violet gets a face lift....

    Recently purchased a Transalp 600 1991 from this very parish, AKA Violet My last attempt at a rebuild thread (Varadero) wasn't so successful, i didn't take enough pics, so out with the real camera for this one! I know how much everyone likes pics! She arrived late last night, so i didn't get...
  17. Dutch registered bikes

    For anyone out there from Holland/Netherlands, can you tell me how often a Dutch registered motorcycle needs to be inspected by the government? In the UK, this is the MOT I am talking about. In Spain, ITV, etc but I understand in some countries, motorcycles never need to be inspected. Any...
  18. New toy

    New can. :mrgreen: Always loved the look of these, and it sounds nice too. Bit louder, but not too much. Bit quieter even in some ways, compared to the by now rather breezy stock item. With a little help from WD40, to make sure it doesn't get loose. :mrgreen:
  19. High GPS mount, the cheap way round

    Bodgers Corner
    I think in the modern GS world this is called Tobinators and a Migsel-mount and would set you back 200 quid without breaking a sweat... I call it half an hour of bodging with some leftover metal strip and bolts from the parts-bin, and 11 quid for a new RAM ball. :mrgreen:
  20. Wheels for big bikes off road

    Moto Guzzi
    Considering taking my Stelvio on some light off road trails next year so am looking to change the back wheel from a 180 profile, 5.5 wide rim to the NTX version wheel which is 4.25" and will take a 150 section (with more options on tyres). The 150 rear should also handle better on the road. A...